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Requirements stem from a number of activities including:

  • the iMarine Business Cases page which combine technical requirements with organizational, political and managerial issues; they specify larger organizational concepts that may be supported by one or more VRE's. The page on business cases describes these from the technology perspective. After all, this is the technical wiki. Other information on organization and operation in support of the Business Cases can be found in the iMarine Board Channel.
  • the Clusters page describes how the CoP organizes the requirements collection and discussion on high-level topics in a set of organic, but also technological clusters; geospatial, biodiversity, statistics, and semantic technologies all are supported by technologies that overlap in functionality with other clusters, yet are still easily identifiable as falling within one of the clusters.
  • the VRE planning page which describes the EA-CoP desiderata in terms of a composition of services and resources, delivered as a packaged single unit to the CoP. A VRE provides a defined set of services for a specific group of users that collaborate on a specified task or workflow. An alternative approach to VREs are gCube apps. In the context of the CoP desiderata, no difference is made.
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