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The FishFinderVRE is established to elaborate Species Fact Sheets, fill / view their metadata, and select data for download and-or display in a Stand-alone version of the VRE. The explicit purpose is to enable some 50 authors to prepare hundreds of species fact sheets. The tools will be operated by one VRE manager in FAO, and builds heavily on FCPPS.


The FishFinderVRE is a fact-sheet tool, and will allow to define, pre-fill, and elaborate a fact sheet using a template. It will be marshaled by a work flow, with one VRE manager communicating with dozens of authors globally distributed. A fact-sheet will be given a scientific species name from a controlled list. The structure will rely on a template structure, that governs the structure of each individual fact-sheet / report. The user fill this template, for e.g. taxonomic names, characteristics, etc. Data can be either visible data or invisible metadata. The users will be assigned their tasks on particular fact-sheets through the work-flow features of the reporting environment.

A very closely related activity will be the off-line reporting tool.

It can be accessed here:

Priority to CoP
The proposed solution meets many of the iMarine Board priority setting criteria:
It aims to provide a rich information resource for scientist working in marine ecology, biogeography, and conservation;
  • The users are expected to be located across Academia, NGO's, and Governmental agencies;
  • The VRE is financed on project basis. This can be improved by attracting more similar use groups;
The FishFinderVRE fits well with the direct objectives of BC2, while it has some relevance to BC1.
  • The proposed solution supports the drive towards a sustainable infrastructure, as it has identified a group of users that will use the infrastructure daily;
  • The tool is developed to align with the FAO strategy for fact-sheets, namely by providing factsheets that are easily converted to FiMES compliant fact-sheets;
  • The FishFinderVRE is built on components made available in FCPPS, and thus proves the re-usability in iMarine.
The tool will have to be interoperable at data level with the FiMES branch for Species Profiles;
The VRE will use D4S reporting technologies developed in FCPPS.
The work-flow tool will allow the VRE manager to control the production of many reports in parallel. The editors are equipped with a template that helps them to organize and save their information.
The tool reduces the work-flow management and report compilation workloads?
The tool, based on FCPPS, comes in three parts:
* The work-flow manager, a constituent part of FCPPS, as an on-line tool in the VRE;
* The template and report editor, where the fact-sheets are structured and edited.
* The off-line reporting tool; a installer which will equip the users with a reporting tool on their machine.
The policies that describe data access and sharing are addressed here
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