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The iMarine e-Infrastructure is well-suited to support data-experiments; it integrates data environments, processing resources, storage and publication areas with a collaborative set of components. These experiments can be described in this wiki using the "Scientific Method", which brings consistency to the various proposed experiments. The descriptions in this wiki are rather notes than complete experiments logs, and the resulting output, which may be e.g. scientific papers, are separate project outputs.

These wiki pages thus serve to understand the activity, discuss effort, and report on results for all project participants. It helps with the design, and the interpretation of the results. The design is a logical and rational order of steps to come to a conclusion:

  • Observation/Research: add a description here ... what about Experiment Goal or Intention rather than Observation/Research
  • Hypothesis: add a description here
  • Prediction: add a description here
  • Experimentation: add a description here
  • Conclusion: add a description here


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