8th TCom Meeting: 6th February 2014 Discussions and Notes

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8th TCom Meeting: Agenda

8th TCom Meeting: Participants

WP6/WP3 - OGC Metadata

Presenter: FAO

  • E. Blondel presented the work progress, plans & limits on OGC metadata publication
  • Discussions
    • Lino asked about the OGC metadata for EEZ, as there is yet a metadata describing the EEZ collection. On this, the uses cases are different, the purpose of the work with VLIZ is to publish a set of EEZ metadata where each metadata characterizes an EEZ entity.
    • Limitations mainly concern the connection with semantic repository/FLOD.
      • On this, E.Blondel highlighted the need of clarifying the sustainability of FLOD & active support on its side, as dependence of the current OGC metadata publication & exploitation in downstream applications (e.g. SmartFish Chimaera), and also because the iMarine TLO mainly uses FLOD as datasource.
      • It was agreed that the question of FLOD/semantic repository support should be raised in FAO, afterwhat it should be discussed in iMarine, in relation with the TLO developments.
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