8th TCom Meeting: 3rd February 2014 Discussions and Notes

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8th TCom Meeting: Agenda

8th TCom Meeting: Participants

Join Live: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpir15efkfjcj07oqunbs36c?authuser=0&hl=en


Presenter: Paolo Fabriani (E-IIS) - Slides

Presenter: Nikolaos Laskaris (NKUA) Slides

  • Activities: Java 7, ...
  • Plan for the next releases
  • Status of the documentation

E-IIS should ask developers to identify the real state of

  • the 22 components that are not in HEAD yet are part of 2.17.2;
  • the 23 components that are not in the last release;

Integration - HEAD

  • some portlets are neither classified as portlets-user nor as portlets-admin
  • developers should analyze them and properly classify;

Is it possible to extend Etics to support email of subsystem managers (eg to make it possible to notify users when some errors happen)?

  • E-IIS will investigate this, it is feasible;

On Documentation:

  • by the end of the month (February 2014) the activity of Developer's Guide should be complete;
  • by the end of the March 2014 the activity of Administrator's Guide should be complete;
  • an email to push this activity should be sent by NKUA after the TCom;


Presenter: Andrea Manzi (CERN) - Slides

  • Infrastructure Status
  • Java 7 adoption status
  • First Puppet prototype
  • Ohloh service
  • Plan for CNR-NKUA take-up

NKUA Grid site is dedicated to iMarine, thus it is not used;

  • from the iMarine perspective, it can be removed;
  • up to NKUA to decide whether they are willing to maintain the site for their Institutional business;

WPS-Hadoop in production

  • a detailed plan should be defined and agreed with T2;

WP8 - Accounting

Presenter: Ermanno Travaglino (E-IIS) - Slides

  • Integration plan including prioritization of the components that have to account for the operations

On integration:

  • Integration with Statistical Manager should be performed, since it is very useful yet generic environment that is expected to be used in many VREs;
  • Integration with Aquamaps is less important, since this is a specific environment;

Tickets should be created to plan and monitor the integration activity.

WP8: Security

Presenter: Ermanno Travaglino (E-IIS) - Slides

  • Features that have been tested
  • Benchmark of the tested features
  • Features that have not been tested
  • Plan of the features to be adopted in the production infrastructure

Policy definition portlet should be ported to use the new stack and deployed in the dev portal (to start).

Security integration requires changes in some services, e.g. publication of profiles in IS.

A tentative plan for security integration:

  • do performance tests to verify TLS overhear;
  • create a very simple testing scenario with hosting nodes that publishes profiles in a "secure" mode;
  • Shibbolet integration should be completed by including registration in the default organisation;

Next steps in slides should become tickets otherwise it is almost impossible to plan the activity and monitor it.

  • These tickets should be created in the coming days.
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