5th TCom Meeting: Participants

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5th TCom Meeting Agenda

Meeting Venue: CNR, Pisa (Italy), FAO, Rome (Italy)


  • 21-22 March 2013 CNR, Pisa (Italy)
  • 27-28 March 2013 FAO, Rome (Italy)
    • FAO-HQ is just outside the Circo Massimo Metro stop. Wednesday we start in the Queen Juliana Room (B324), We have the Fisheries Meeting Room (F313) available for parallel. Thursday meeting is in the Nigeria Room (C215). Make sure you bring an ID, and collect your building pass at the main entrance.


Present Absent Maybe Not Yet confirmed Teleconference

Participation List

Name Organization 21 March (Pisa) 22 March (Pisa) 27 March (Rome) 28 March (Rome) Session
P. Pagano CNR
L. Candela CNR All
L. Fortunati CNR
A. Manzi CERN
N. Drakopoulos CERN
G. Coro CNR
V. Marioli CNR
R. Cirillo CNR
L. Lelii CNR
M. Assante CNR
A. Ellenbroek FAO
F. Simeoni FAO
F. De Faveri CNR
F. Mangiacrapa CNR
A. Gioia CNR
F. Sinibaldi CNR
G. Giammatteo E-IIS
C. Formisano E-IIS
E. Travaglino E-IIS
F. Brito Terradue
H. Caumont Terradue
E. Blondel FAO
N. Bailly FIN
A. Antoniadis NKUA
G. Gerbesiotis NKUA
P. Liakos NKUA
A. Petrocelli TRUST-IT
J. Barde IRD
C. Allocca FORTH
Υ. Marketakis FORTH
E. van Ingen FAO
W.Appeltans UNESCO Biodiversity
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