29.05.2012 T8.4 Conference Call

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Time: Tue May 29, 2012, 18:00 - 19:00 CET

  • T8.4 activities towards D8.4
  • Evolution of the Resource Model, 2nd Generation
  • Facet producers/consumers
  • Typed resources
  • Contributions for 2nd TCOM


T8.4: Fabio Simeoni (FAO), Manuele Simi (CNR)

Main Discussions and Actions

The discussion mainly focused on the content of the forthcoming D8.4 (due by M8).

Initially, we went over the original facet layer designed few months ago and revised it. To respond to the typization request made by some at the 1st TCOM we agreed on the usage of a type facet with a specific XML namespace.

Then we moved to analyze a more semantic layer on top of the facet layer, that we have identified as interface layer. This will include standardized facets defining interfaces common to all resources of a given resource type/subtype.


  • TODO: produce on a draft TOC of D8.4 in the next few days
  • TODO: schedule another conference call to continue the discussion on the XML bindings
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