2013.02 WP5: iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP5 Activity Report described the activities performed in February 2013 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of February Activity Report.

T5.1 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Operation

CERN Activities

CERN was responsible for the pre-production and production deployment of the gCube release 2.12. In particular the following activities were performed:


  • Infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.12.0
  • deployment of the iMarineBoardVRE

CNR Activities


T5.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Nodes Provision

CNR Activities

  • CNR has been keeping up and running the provided nodes hosting GHNs, UMD and project management services.
  • New node to replicate node47.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu serivices on another VOVirtual Organization; .
  • Kernel and system library update of many production and development nodes.
  • Doubled the CPU and RAM resources of the new hadoop cluster.
  • Doubled the RAM resources of the R linux server (8 GB).
  • New windows server for R computations with 24 vcpus and 8 GB ram.
  • New server to develop & host the OMWS+ service (8 vcpus, 5 GB ram, 100 GB disk)


  • CNR infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.12.0

NKUA Activities

During this period NKUA :

  • Maintenance of the provided nodes hosting GHNs, UMD and the gcube wiki
  • Upgraded the GHN containers running on NKUAs' nodes
  • Rearranged memory and increased disk space of NKUA nodes


  • NKUAs' infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.12.0
  • Added 15 GB disk space in each dewnXX node - total 150 GB
  • Removed 2 GB RAM from dl25 and added to dl20 and dl21 1GB RAM each.

FAO Activities

In the reporting period, the upgrade of the gCube nodes in FAO was tried, but failed due to an error in the script. The activity was completed successfully in March.

Node upgrade failed, postponed to March. Now completed.


FIN Activities

no activity



T5.3 iMarine Data Infrastructure Availability, Monitoring and Accounting

CERN Activities

Fixed integration issues for components released in gCube 2.12.

Switched Nagios Server instance at CERN to https (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/1288) and customized the UI (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/1323)

Nagios is now linked from the production portal(https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/695)

Cassandra cluster monitoring (https://issue.imarine.research-infrastructures.eu/ticket/1324)



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