2012.11 WP9: Data Management Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP9 Activity Report described the activities performed in November 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of Monthly Activity Report.

T9.1 Data Access and Storage Facilities

FAO Activities

FAO has changed the approach used in trees to serialise leaves with null values, from intra-library solution to standard solution with xsi"nill attributes. Described in ticket #812, the fix is included in version 1.3.0 and is released in gCube 2.11.1.

FAO has also fixed a problem in tree-repository, which resulted in some retrieved trees without the sourceId attribute. The fix is not associated with incidents, but it has been nonetheless included in version 2.1.1 and is released in gCube 2.11.1.

Finally, FAO has added a new distribution artefact to the tree-repository, with classifier standalone. The distribution embeds the dependencies required for manual deployment of the plugin.

None to report.

None to report.

CNR Activities

Species Discovery Service

CNR improved the framework to support Species Discovery Service plugins. In addition, CNR has been working on improving the Client Library to support the job submission.

None to report.

  • Improvement of Client Library

T9.2 Data Transfer Facilities

CERN Activities

The following activities have been performed during the reporting period:

Data Transfer Agent service:

Data Transfer scheduler service:

Data Transfer scheduler portlet:



NKUA Activities

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Terradue Activities

The beneficiary should report here a summary of the activities performed in the reporting period

The beneficiary should report here major issues faced in the reporting period and the identified corrective actions, if any.

The beneficiary should report here a bullet list highlighting the main achievements of the reporting period

T9.3 Data Assessment, Harmonization and Certification Facilities

CNR Activities

SDMX Statistical data dissemination system:

  • Laid out the architecture of gCube SDMX dissemination system: components, interaction and interfaces. #845
  • Developed and tested a SDMX Registry client library which can be used to submit and retrieve structural metadata to/from Metadata Technology Fusion Registry.
  • Started development of SDMX Datasource, a REST web service that exposes data available from Timeseries gCube web service in SDMX format (1.0,2.0,2.1). #828
  • Started developmennt of a client library for SDMX Datasource. #828
  • Started development of SDMX publisher library, a component which can be used to publish data available from Timeseries. #827

The Tabular Data Widget has been updated:

  • Added support to maven


  • started development of SDMX support for TS service
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