2012.05 WP5: iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP5 Activity Report described the activities performed in May 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of the Monthly Activity Report.

T5.1 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Operation

CERN Activities

In order to understand a memory issue which affect the production portal some tests have been performed in preproduction.

CERN coordinated as well the CNR-PROD-PISA EGI site upgrade to UMD 1. In order to upgrade to the new middleware the installation from scratch of the old services running glite 3.2 and 3.1 has been performed

In addition in order to evaluate its possible usage in iMarine, an instance of a regional GOCDB has been installed at https://imarine2.cern.ch/portal/.

CERN participated as well at the 6th Spanish e-Science Network meeting in Madrid, with a presentation focused on iMarine and the D4Science infrastructure.


CNR-PROD-PISA site upgraded to UMD 1

CNR Activities

No activity reported

T5.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Nodes Provision

CNR Activities

The CNR-PROD-PISA site has been upgraded to UMD 1, with reinstallation from scratch of all the VMs and the software.

4 new VMs have been installed:

  • node76.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu for the user area
  • node73.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu (mongoArbitrer)
  • node67.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu (mongoR1)
  • node58.p.d4science.research-infrastructures.eu (mongoR2) for the service area.

There is still a configuration issue to solve on the WMS service, it's under investigation with the help of NGI-IT support

  • CNR-PROD-PISA site upgraded to UMD 1

NKUA Activities

NKUA has been keeping up and running the provided nodes hosting GHNs, UMD and the gcube wiki.


  • Maintained the provided infrastructure operational
  • Maintained gcube wiki operational
  • Changed the ips of NKUA's provided hosts

FAO Activities

The node hosted at FAO was maintained.

None to report. The nagios messages were briefly discussed, but no action required.

The node was maintained.

FIN Activities

Nothing to report

T5.3 iMarine Data Infrastructure Availability, Monitoring and Accounting

CERN Activities

A new node running Nagios has been installed and configured with LDAP to give access to iMarine Infrastructure and Site Managers. The new instance of the service is running at http://d4science-dt.cern.ch:8443/nagios/

In addition the latest version of the ActiveMQ broker (5.6.0) has been installed in the development infra for testing.


A New Nagios instance for the iMarine infrastructure has been installed.

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