2012.03 WP11: Data e-Infrastructures Integration and Interoperability Facilities Development Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP11 Activity Report described the activities performed in March 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of the March 2012 Activity Report.

T11.1 Application Programming Interfaces Framework Definition

NKUA Activities

NKUA has established the time plan for the WP activities within the next period to deal with the deviations from the interaction needs with other WPs. The timeline for T11.2 and T11.3 was aligned to that of T11.1 that needs to take feedback from other WPs too. The concrete schedule of activities has been presented and discussed with all partners to conclude to decisions:

  • M6: Delivery date for Framework Specification
  • Involvement of all WP partners in framework evaluation during M6.
  • Launching of T11.2 and T11.3 during M6 through individual investigation for APIs specification within each WG.
  • Two more functional categories (Computation Consumption and Infrastructure Management) involving areas of APIs in need of alignment to the WP standardizations have been identified and included in the WP targeting objectives.

Specific working groups have been assigned for the APIs specification for each functional category, in the context of the top-down approach towards interoperability, that will guide the work in tasks T11.2 and T11.3. Finally, NKUA has participated in the discussions conducted by FAO for the enrichment and evaluation of the draft of the CL model.



CNR Activities

In the context of the CL working group, CNR discussed with FAO some specific aspects of the Java client API belonging the management functions and services' statefulness areas.



CERN Activities

Nothing to report

E-IIS Activities

The beneficiary should report here a summary of the activities performed in the reporting period

The beneficiary should report here major issues faced in the reporting period and the identified corrective actions, if any.

The beneficiary should report here a bullet list highlighting the main achievements of the reporting period

FAO Activities

FAO has continued working on the model for Java client API that mediate access system services. In collaboration with NKUA, it has enriched the current draft of the model with:

  • a model of proxy operations that take or return collection of values;
  • a model of asynchronous operations based on polling, callback, or streaming;
  • a model of scope management

The current draft is available here

None to report.

T11.2 Data Management APIs

FAO Activities

FAO has re-designed the streams library in line with the recommendations and requirements identified in WG 11.1. The new library is under source control and has been integrated in the Tree-Based Subsystem of the Data Access and Storage Facilities. Its documentation is available here

None to report

- the new streams library

T11.3 Data Consumption APIs

According to the methodology established in T11.1, this task provides input for the top-down approach of the framework definition process. The timeline of this task has been aligned to T11.1 and the activities on the Data Consumption API will be intensified in the next period of the project, starting by M6.

Activities of the task are essentially referenced in the work done in T11.1.

Alignment to the progress of T11.1 and estimated commencement of activities in M.6.

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