2012.02 WP7: Enabling-technology Integration and Distribution Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This WP7 Activity Report described the activities performed in February 2012 by Beneficiary and Task.

It is part of February 2012 Activity Report.

T7.1 Software Integration, Validation and Release

E-IIS Activities

In the reporting period E-IIS worked at the installation of a testing infrastructure for testing new gCube releases. gCube enabling services plus a Software Repository instance have been installed in the testing infrastructure allowing the execution of automatic deployment tests of gCube services. Detailed information about the testing infrastructure are kept in the gCube wiki page https://gcube.wiki.gcube-system.org/gcube/index.php/Testing_Infrastructure. When necessary, the testing infrastructure will be widen to increase the number and types of possible tests.

E-IIS coordinated the integration, testing and releasing of two gCube releases: gCube 2.7.3 (started in the previous reporting period) and gCube 2.8.0 (still in releasing at the end of this reporting period).

E-IIS took part in the discussion with WP8 for the design of a Software Gateway to give access to gCube software stored in maven repositories. The discussion raised new requirements for the mavenizer that will be extended to produce a more complete pom for legacy ant gCube components.

  • the guide to the usage of maven in gCube is still under development. However, a presentation on this topic will be held at the next TCOM meeting on 16th of March

  • installation of testing infrastructure.
  • gCube 2.7.3 released
  • gCube 2.8.0 release integrated and tested
  • new requirements elicited for the mavenizer

CNR Activities

A long brainstorm activity has been conducted withing T7.1 in February. Following the identification of the tools to used for achieving the gCube mavenization, a case-by-case discussion took place among the task members in February. Several corner cases were identified and for each of them a solution was selected towards the final goal of having all the legacy components uploaded in the gCube Maven Repository.

CNR actively participated to such discussion and supported the definition of the range of selected solutions.

On the implementation side, CNR continued the porting on Maven of some of the software under its responsibility and released the first fully mavenized component (common-utils-encryption) as part of gCube 2.8.0.


  • First ever Maven-based gCube component released in gCube 2.8.0

T7.2 Software Distribution and Documentation

NKUA Activities

NKUA has updated the gCube Distribution site for 2.8.0 release by inserting in the database the corresponding entry.



CNR Activities

Following the solutions identified in T7.1, the design of the new service devoted to interface the gCube Maven Repository has been changed accordingly. In particular, the way in which the software is now packaged and uploaded in the repository posed new requirements and called for a different interface of the Software Gateway.

CNR has also updated the ghn-distribution bundle to reflect the latest changes in its base components.

Because of new requirements coming from T7.1, the interface of the Software Gateway service has been partially redesigned.

  • gHN-distribution 3.2.6
  • new Etics configurations for the components released as part of gCube 2.8.0

E-IIS Activities

E-IIS released several gCube components for release 2.8.0 to provide external dependenices to new gCube components. Among the others: Liferay 6.0.6, GWT 2.4.0, GWT log 3.1.7, portal-frmework.1-1-0, httpcomponents, lucence-highlighter, xml-security-java.

Cube 2.7.3 changelog has been generated asking contributions for single gCube components.


  • Liferay 6.0.6, PortalFramework 1.1.0
  • gwt 2.4.0, gwt-log 3.1.7
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