2011.12 WP5: iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Deployment and Operation Monthly Activity By Task and Beneficiary

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This activity report documents the activities performed in November and December 2011. It is integral to Activity Report of the period.

T5.1 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Operation

CERN Activities

The Deliverable D5.1 has been edited and it's ready for the internal work package review.

The Infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.7.2 has been performed, to fix some incident tickets.

The upgrade of the VOMS server @ CNR-PROD-PISA to the EMI 1 version was requested to fix a problem on the VOMSAdmin interface.

The EMI-IMarine MoU has been prepared ( it contains mostly milestones related to WP5 activities).

The D5.1 should have been submitted to the EC at the of end the M1, but some factors delayed the achievement of this date. Most important was the availability of the wiki server, ( the deliverable is of type other, so to be prepared as a WIKI) it was delayed till beginning of M2 and therefore only at that date the deliverable has started to be prepared.

  • The deliverable D5.1 ready for internal WP review.
  • Infrastructure upgrade to gCube 2.7.2
  • VOMS Server upgrade to EMI 1 version
  • The EMI-IMarine MoU has been prepared

CNR Activities

  • The D4Science infrastructure Monitoring (Resource Management) has been upgraded to support the new resource type RuntimeResource
  • Some incident tickets (list them?) have been fixed and a Portal upgrade has been performed


  • The D4Science infrastructure Monitoring with RuntimeResource support is available as part of gCube 2.7.2

T5.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Nodes Provision

CNR Activities

CNR has been keeping up and running the larger part of the D4Science Ecosystem infrastructure hosted at its site. Two new maintenance releases have been deployed in the production environment. Prompt corrective actions both to hardware and software faults have been provided.


  • Maintained the provided infrastructure operational
  • Support for new releases' deployment

NKUA Activities

NKUA maintained provided nodes hosting:

  • the gCube Hosting Node software (gHN)
  • the glite 3.2 middleware services

No deviations to report

  • Maintained the provided infrastructure operational

FAO Activities




FIN Activities




T5.3 iMarine Data Infrastructure Availability, Monitoring and Accounting

CERN Activities

CERN has started to investigate a possible new solution for the Monitoring/Availability of the production infrastructure, a solution wich implies the usage of Nagios Server. The Nagios server can perform checks on remote machines using several methods. CERN has selected the 2 methods wich can best fulfill the project needs:

  • NRPE
  • SSH

NRPE implies the installation of a daemon on the monitored node which is contacted by the Nagios Server to run the probes and return the results to the server. This solution of course requires more integration activities for site managers. The SSH solution requires only the installation of the Nagios server public key on each monitored host, but in case of high numbers of monitored nodes( > 100) can create performance problems on the Nagios server.

Both solution has been tested on some development nodes and the test will continue to understand which solution to implement.

no deviations to report

  • testing of the NRPE and SSH solutions for Nagios remote monitoring/Availability
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