20.01.2012 WP9 Conference Call

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Time: Friday January 20, 2012, 15:00 - 16:00 Europe/Rome

  • perform a briefing about the activities.


WP9: G. Coro

T9.1: F. Simeoni and F. De Faveri

T9.2: A. Manzi, F. Brito, F. Barchetta

T9.3: F. De Faveri

Main Discussions and Actions

Briefing about the activities

F. Simeoni reports the current status on the activities on T9.1:

  • Maven integration enhancements have been introduced on the Data Access service and plugins
  • A plan for the migration to Maven for all the gCube component has been designed
  • FLOD is being integrated as a Data Access plugin
  • Other plugins under development are regarding GBIF, SDMX and OBIS data sources

F. Simeoni shares a specification document for developing Data Access Service plugins with the other participants.

In T9.1 F. De Faveri is working with Lucio Lelii on the integration of several data sources. These include:

  • GBIF
  • SpeciesLink
  • Obis

Currently even a web interface for prototype testing is under development, which will be able to directly test the consistency of the outputs of each plugin.

On T9.2 F. Brito explains the architecture and features which will be supplied by the THREDDS and WPS services they are working on. Contents compliant to the NetCDF CF standard will be supplied to the clients belonging to the infrastructure but even to outside interfaces. This is involved in a wider vision of the infrastructure more open to other communities.

Currently tests are running with Bathymetry data in terms of resampling and provisioning of the contents via OGC protocols. F. Brito says that a demo will be available by the half of February. The architecture will be based on an Hadoop backend.

A. Manzi explains that the other activities around T9.2 regarded, from CERN side, the investigation on the data transfer protocols and the enrichment of a document presenting the overall results in this direction. On NKUA side, the activity is regarding the extension of the gCube Result Set structure for the extension to the novel protocols.

On T9.3 F. De Faveri reports that effort has been spent in solving problems coming from the d4Science project, highlighted by Anton Ellenbroek. Furthermore a factorization of the Time Series service is being performed in order to export some functionalities to other services (e.g. for tabular data management).

Finally G. Coro asks A. Manzi for an update of the infrastructure to the last build.


  • Participants will report the activities details on the wiki
  • A plan for the update of the infrastructure to the last version will be set
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