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Meeting notes 190213; 14.00 – 14.30 A.Ellenbroek, V.Canhos, N.Bailly

Goal: Discuss CRIA activities in iMarine activities.

1. CRIA – Services

  • Data cleaning services; CRIA to offer an overview of services.
  • CRIA asks for a list of services that is needed, as there are many. We need to start definition phase.
  • Ward to select a dataset from OBIS, CRIA provides a data cleaning report, and return the results
  • Then a discussion can start with CNR how best to implement.

Data cleaning Scenario: a set to be loaded in OBIS. Data from expert, cleaned by CRIA, uploaded to OBIS. Alexandre Marino (CRIA) to provide the cleaning tools. This scenario will then be discussed with CNR. A combination of automated routines, and expert judgment.

Objective: Draft a paper version of the data cleaning requirements

2. Board meeting; V. Canhos to arrive in Rome 24/03 Sunday until 28/03Thursday morning

Use these days to finalize the activity plan

3. Plan regular meetings / calls

  • Next Thursday – 0900 Brazil, 1300 Rome, start of a series of weekly discussions
  • during Board meeting week; deliver proposal on data cleaning services using CRIA
  • Participants to start preparations: Ward, Nicolas, FAO, Dora, Alexandre
  • FAO: To contact Ward
  • CRIA: Mobilize Dora andAlexandre. Later interact on specs with CNR (March)
  • FIN: To assist with the development of ‘marine’ data cleaning requirements
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