18.07.2014 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Friday July 18, 2014, 15:00 - 16:30 Europe/Rome

  • Short Summary of the activities performed in June 2014;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano J.Michel / L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek S. Garavelli P. Pagano (formerly A. Manzi) L. Candela P. Fabriani P. Pagano G. Coro G. Gerbesiotis G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

On May 2014 Activity Report

On WP1 Activity:

  • The summary of June '14 activities;
  • There is an innovation-related report to be compiled (requirement from the EU) and be discussed during the review;
    • During SB meeting, Jessica will elaborate a plan to compile it;

On WP2 Activity:

On WP3 Activity:

  • The summary of June '14 activities;
  • On Validation, components are at different levels of maturity, e.g. StatMan is more mature than TabMan. The validation activity should be performed by taking into account this;
    • Validation is by Use Cases, thus Use Cases should be properly identified;
  • On IRD report, Leo (WP6) highlighted that the same activity was reported in WP6 also and the quantity of details is poor;
    • No additional details on the specific activities are available neither to Anton nor to Leo;

On WP4 Activity:

  • The summary of June '14 activities;
  • The date of the final event is 29th of September;
    • The participation is "on invitation only";
  • By today (Monday the latest) the ICRI report will be circulated and posted on the website;
  • Terradue is working to produce the final version of the White Paper;
    • TRUST-IT will send an email to report on the current state of the White Paper;

On WP5 Activity:

On WP6 Activity:

On WP7 Activity:

  • the summary of June '14 activities;
  • Paolo should verify if the problem with the distribution site is fixed;

On WP10 Activity:

  • The summary of June '14 activities;
  • Gianpaolo should check the WPS facility resulting from the porting of Terradue facilities in production;

On Deliverables

Status of deliverables is available via the dedicated Wiki page.

  • D3.3 is closely related with the board meeting.
  • D3.4 is close to be complete, it is a matter of producing the report.
    • Both of them are of type other, it should be quite easy to complete them. They should be complete by end of August;
  • D10.5 was prepared months ago (before the project extension);
    • This should be revised by NKUA and resubmitted;

On Milestones

Status of milestones is available at a dedicated Wiki page


Next PEB conf call

Next PEB conf call is scheduled for September 18th, 15:00 Rome time.

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