17.12.2013 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Tuesday December 17, 2013, 15:00 - 17:00 Europe/Rome

  • Short Summary of the activities performed in November 2013;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano J.Michel / L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek S. Garavelli A. Manzi L. Candela P. Fabriani G. Coro G. Gerbesiotis G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

On November 2013 Activity Report

On WP1 Activity:

DoW extensions requires new procedures ( and addendum is needed), Any request on budget changes should be communicated immediately, cause they have to be integrated and the DoW should be then approved by the GA. The deadline for the request of changes on the DoW will be tomorrow end of day. The FIN effort on WP5 will be moved to WP6

The D2.3 is going to be reviewed and submitted.

On WP2 Activity:

The work around the preparation of the D2.3 deliverable was lighter than in the past given already the homogenized contributions of the the WP3.

On WP3 Activity:

Report only from FAP, FORTH and T2

Regarding the Yann Laurent presentation to students which had negative feedback, on the contrary we had great success in the course that Gianpaolo held in Sorbonne.

Some activities are not reported through tickets ( Cotrix) and it's difficult to understand the the status of this activities.

On WP4 Activity:

to check VRE Definition/VRE deployment video and see if we can redo it to add new features.

On WP5 Activity:

On WP6 Activity:

On WP7 Activity:

ENG not connected.

On WP9 Activity:

To check with T2 about the usage of the SOS server.

Regarding the new Tabular Data Framework, it has been released in 2.17 but it has not been released in production because it still not covered all the needed funtionalities. The plan is to release in 3.0.0 the new functionalities and proceed with the deployment later in 2014.

On WP10 Activity:

TD reported that is not clear the plan for the Federated Search. to be further discussed.

On WP11 Activity:

FORTH HTTP API has been designed. TLS integration in the portal.

Leonardo asked clarification about the OAI-PMH/OAI-ORE

On Deliverables

Status of deliverables is available via the dedicated Wiki page.

On Milestones

Status of milestones is available at a dedicated Wiki page


TCom will be organized in Athens. from 3 to 6 Feb. Contribution for the agenda will be requested soon.

Next PEB conf call

Next PEB conf call is scheduled for 21 Jan at 15.

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