17.04.2014 CERN CNR KT meeting

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CERN - CNR Knowledge Transfer Meeting

Date and Venue

17/04/2014, ISTI-CNR via G. Moruzzi 1, Pisa, Italy


  • Andrea Manzi (CERN)
  • Pasquale Pagano (CNR)
  • Roberto Cirillo (CNR)
  • Andrea dell'Amico (CNR)
  • Tommaso Piccioli ( CNR)


  • 9:30 - 13:00
    • Nagios and gCube monitoring framework handover to CNR
    • Discussion on the configuration of new Nagios server @CNR
  • 14:00 - 18:00
    • Discussion on the infrastructure management roles to handover to CNR
    • QA environment and infrastructure upgrades tasks

Minutes and Actions

  • 9:30 - 13:00
    • Andrea Manzi described the activities performed by CERN in the context of infrastructure monitoring. Going into the details of the wiki page https://gcube.wiki.gcube-system.org/gcube/index.php/Monitoring_a_gCube_infrastructure_With_Nagios
    • Andrea Manzi described the customization and the Nagios probe that has been developed by CERN to monitor the infrastructural services
    • It was agreed to configure together ( CNR and CERN ) the new Nagios server running at CNR and gradually enable the tests on that instance. Once the configuration is completed the CERN Nagios server will be dismissed.
  • 14:00 - 18:00
    • Andrea Manzi described the activities related to infrastructure management that CERN has performed during the iMarine project.
    • Andrea Manzi described in particular the activities of QA deployment and infrastructure upgrade that have been documented at http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Procedure_QA_Deployment and http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Procedure_Infrastructure_upgrade.
    • Roberto Cirillo as new responsible for the activities of QA deployment and infra upgrade is going to work with Andrea in the preparation of the infrastructure upgrade to gCube 3.1.0 foreseen for the end of April, in order to start familiarising with the activities.
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