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Wednesday 17 April 2013 WP4 minutes


  • Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI
  • Anton Ellenbroek, FAO
  • Hilary Hanahoe, TRUST-IT
  • George Kakaletris, NKUA
  • Andrea Manzi, CERN
  • Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI

1. Training Material:

In general CNR is responsible for the General Function material while the reports, worklows and templates are under the responsibility of FAO.

CNR uses JING to generate videos while FAO use ActivePresenter.

ACTION1: CNR (Lino) to modify the status of the training video delivery to reflect a realistic time schedule by 30th April

ACTION2: TRUST to finalise Resources Management Facilities video generate a voiceover by 30th April

2. Training Events:'

  • Discussion on the feasibility of organising a training session during the European Bioinformatics Conference (3-6 Sept 2013), on Thursday 5 Sèpt 2013. iMarine would like to be represented in 3 different guises: 1. Keynote presentation (FAO) on Day 1; 2. Technological presentation (CNR) and a Training session coordinated by CNR & FAO. iMarine could organise a joint session with EUBrazilOpenBio

ACTION3: CNR (Donatella) to clarify the audience of the event (obtain a list of the projects involved / invited) and propose iMarine active participation at the conference.

3. APPLIFISH: The details below are based on the discussion during the conference call and email correspondence afterwards. Changes to be made: PHASE 1:

  • remove the coloured fish icons from the home screen - will be done by TRUST-IT;
  • set all current icons to blue (better than grey) (so the species group remains) - will be done by TRUST-IT;
  • Move the IUCN info into the fact-sheets (Before local names) according to the following schema - will be done by TRUST-IT
    • IUCN Status: Icon (if it is compatible with the current layout & structure. If not we will only add the status name in its colour): status name
    • IUCN Status : orange fish : endangered (example)

A new colour will be added - Orange which signifies "Endangered" while Red becomes "Critically Endangered" and the other three colours (green, grey & yellow) remain the same.

Working Time: Trust estimates 2-3 working days to complete these changes.

Deadlines: The changes will be made by Trust by Tuesday 30th April (if we receive the revised data for integration by COB Friday) and sent to App stores for publication which takes up to 10 days from the submission of the new release by Trust (so we are looking at a new release publication during the first quarter of May)

New Release Notification note: Please note that in this release the data related to species status can be found in the Fact sheet of each species. (This is to mitigate complaints and comments from users who have already downloaded and receive a new version without the species related info) PHASE2:

1. INCLUDE taxon group icons (colour code to be agreed) on home page

Deadlines: The changes will be made by Trust by Wed 15th May and sent to App stores for publication which takes up to 10 days from the submission of the new release by Trust (so we are looking at a new release publication during the second half of May)

Taxon Group Legend: Icon - Description

  * Corals - Other invertebrates
  * Crabs - Crustaceans (FYI, this also includes "Lobsters" and "Shrimps", the generic name is crustaceans)
  * Fish - Bony fish
  * Mammals - Mammals
  * Plants - Algae
  * Reptiles - Turtles
  * Sharks - Sharks
  * Shellfish - Shells
  * Squids - Cephalopods

4. Events:'

  • IMDIS 2013 - 23-25 Sept 2013 LuccaIMDIS 2013 - two types of abstracts will be submitted. 1. specific iMarine processes & 2. iMarine as an infrastructure (generic). Deadline for abstract submission is 30th April 2013.

ACTION4: CNR & NKUA to circulate abstract proposals based on template on web site.Abstract Template

  • ICT2013 ICT2013. iMarine should submit a Networking Session application (Deadline 26 April 2013) and investigate the possibility of having a presence at the exhibition (e.g. under an umbrella initiative like RDA). Deadline for exhibition application is 7th June 2013

ACTION5: CNR (Donatella) to circulate a concept for the networking session.

  • EGI CF - feedback from Andrea on iMarine participation.

ACTION6: CERN (Andrea) to circulate slides for publication on channel.

  • Towards a Roadmap for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Infrastructures in Europe - feedback from Lino. iMarine is seen as Aquamaps by the RI community and from a technological point-of-view seen as D4Science. In order to mitigate this before the next meeting in Sept 2013 it is essential to populate the infrastructure with more data thereby attracting more communities. As the workshop was invitation-only no publication will be made on the web channel about this event.


  • Recent improvements to the UI and text generated to be included

ACTION 7: NKUA (George) to circulate text.

ACTION 8: TRUST to provide feedback on the text to NKUA.


  • Currently web channel only publishes public deliverables that are in DoW as Reports.

ACTION 9: TRUST Based on the list sent to Donatella, Trust will publish all deliverables "OTHER" that contain a link to a public wiki. Others will be flagged to SB for decision on whether to make public or leave restricted.

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