17.01.2012 T9.2 Conference Call

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Time: Wednesday January 17, 2012, 12:00 - 13:00 Europe/Rome

Conference call agenda:

  • Understand the participant to the task for each beneficiary
  • Discussion on the task goal
  • Report on the activities performed
  • Fix some deadline for the next activities

Draft Document for T9.2 :

T9.2 Overview


  • Andrea Manzi (CERN)
  • Gianpaolo Coro (CNR)
  • Francesco Barchetta (Terradue)
  • Fabrice Brito (Terradue)
  • Gerasimos Farantatos (NKUA)
  • Alex Antoniadis (NKUA)


Task participants


Andrea Manzi + another person starting from April/May


Gerasimos Farantatos and Alex Antoniadis

- Terradue

Francesco Barchetta and Fabrice Brito

Discussion on the activities performed

Andrea : CERN worked mainly in the installation and testing of the FTS service, in order to understand if it fits the needs for a possible integration in gCube to implement gCube Data Transfer. I have started to prepare a document which is available on BSCW to have an overview of the task

Gianpaolo : What is the scope of the document?

Andrea : I have to prepare a document by the end of the month internally to CERN to describe the task and the first activities performed, but of course it can be used at the level of the task to describe the different aspects.

Fabrice : Terradue started to work in the activity of publication of Geospatial data using the netCDF format. The Thredds software has been deployed in order to enable netCDF file transferring using Openndap and WCS. Francesco is testing the solution using the data from MyOcean.

Andrea : This activity has to be accounted officially to Data Access than to Data Transfer

Fabrice : In order to understand how to exploit the OGF transfer protocol we need fist to install the enabling software, as to test FTP Protocol we need to install a FTP Server. The Activity is the starting point to fulfill the common goal of accessing and transferring OGF data.

Fabrice : Thredds can be seen as a cache of data from MyOcean, to be copied into Thredds at the first request. But we need to understand how to discover this data, if the data is available or not.

Andrea : We can use the mechanism of the Virtual Collections as for OpenSearch, but better to discuss this point during the WP9 conf call.

Andrea : What about the integration of the output from Thredds into the gCube CM?

Gianpaolo : there is the need from the communities to publish netCDF file into the infrastructure, to have them integrated at the level of the infrastructure using standards. So the integration with CM can be lowered, and can be discussed during the WP9 conf call of Friday.

Discussion on short term activities

Andrea: i have studied the possibility to extend gRS to use HTTP and FTP as transfer protocols, if feasible this would be integrated in the gCube Data Transfer agents in order to enable Data transfer between different CMs.

Gerasimos : gRS can be used to work on the data transfer part. Transfer point to point, payload object, file transfer in file chunking, streams. The transfer protocol is tcp, but it can be changed to use http, ftp, bittorrent There would be the possibility to store transfer buffers in ftp, or http. Alex will work on this activity this month.

Fabrice : Terradue will continue to work on Thredds, testing data coming from MyOcean

Andrea : CERN is going to continue the investigation on the FTS service giving a final outcome whether using the service or not at the beginning of february.


Giampaolo : question to Terradue: it's possible to integrate the software to access MyOcean in the D4Science infrastructure?

Fabrice : Yes of course

Next conf call

to be scheduled middle/end of the February.

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