16.07.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday Jul 16, 2012, 15:00 - 18:00 Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the June WP reports prepared by each WP leader;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

M8 (June '12) Activity Report

On WP1 report: Effort Reporting for M7-M8 - 7 partners have not yet delivered - ENG, FAO, FIN, CRIA, IRD, UNESCO, TERRADUE. As the 2nd Advance Payment should be released this month and needs to be decided by Steering Board according to spending to date. The SB meets on 17th July to deliberate this (among other things) so a 1st batch of payment releases will be decided based on those that have submitted effort data to date.

  • ACTION ERCIM: Other partners will be given a deadline and reminder of 2nd payment release.
  • ACTION: FAO & ENG (on call) to speak internally to admin departments to expedite submission of organisation effort for M7-M8 on BSCW.

1st iMarine Review: Philippe circulated a draft review agenda (16 July) based on EC PO requests and instructions on agenda order and timing. Discussion with PO planned for early September to understand flexibility on timing & presentation modes, etc. Logistics also need to be taken into consideration (printing day before). Difficult to present all work being performed using the order currently proposed though not including cluster vision will penalise other parts and presentations will be fragmented. Relating activity to deliverables does not work very well with iMarine DoW so at least Milestones should be included. No action is currently possible until SB & EC have spoken in September 2012. Implementation of subcontracts with NEAFC & VLIZ is beginning now. Draft subcontracts now with a view to getting signatures by September 2012. 1st Periodic Report: must be delivered on time and a template must be circulated soon as end of period is M8 - August 2012 and then 60 days to submit periodic report (as per contract). However will have to be delivered 23rd October 2012 (according to EC PO dedaline).

  • ACTION ERCIM to circulate D1.2 template by end July 2012 (M9).

On WP2 report: DG Mare meeting summary: Two FAO staff (Marc Taconet and Anton Ellenbroek) and two CNR staff (Donatella Castelli and Pasquale Pagano) presented iMarine to DG-MARE in their headquarters in Bruxelles on Friday 22nd June. This presentation of iMarine to DG-MARE went very well. Mrs. Monique Pariat, Director of Direction D Mediterranean and Black Sea, and Mr. Bernardus Kloppenborg Head of unit D4 Integrated management of fisheries data, attended among 20 other participants the lunch Conference, and this was followed by a three hours brainstorming meeting. Investigating if iMarine solution could be of use to fisheries management activities in DG. iMarine to prepare a small use case to evaluate if technologies proposed by iMarine could be implemented. No further updates from EC (in close contact with FAO). Marc to remain in contact with DG MARE, follow up with French Ministry for their technical specifications and request inputs from ICES. All Marine Knowledge Meeting / Workshop in Brussels 11th & 12th October 2012 between EuroMarine Coordination Action grouping & assembling partners of 3 past Networks of Excellence in field and Coordination Action JPAOceans dealing with national info on fisheries. The aim of the workshop was to synergise and share information on activities to avoid duplication of efforts. Given the list of participants circulating to date it may be more networking / political meeting rather than a hands-on meeting. First time there is a meeting of these different projects funded by different areas of EC. Meeting with EMODNET (should have taken place in July) but now agreeing on a date in Sept 2012 for a video conference to establish synergies.

  • Action FAO to contact DG-MARE, to follow up with French Ministry for their technical specifications, and to request inputs from ICES.

On WP3 report: First iMarine Board meeting report closed. Currently drafting Board plan and preparations for next meeting in Oct 2012 (most activity in July & Aug). Continued activities to raise interest in the use of the e-Infrastructure. FAO reported progress in e.g. the start of a Cotrix collaboration (sharing components and concepts), FIN prometes the use of VREs to WFC Atlasses and Coral MPA's. The e-Infrastructure was discussed with DG-MARE for support to BC1. Policy Task: FAO worked on a release of a next version of iMarine Data Access and Sharing Policies released.

  • ACTION Anton to send an email to CERN & CNR to follow up on policies.

SW oriented task: Work on COTRIX started; a tool to manage external codelists. It aims to add versioning and life-cycle support to entire code-lists and individual codes to the existing Vocbench tool (which is being rdf-ized). Aim is to have in November a working prototype for AFSIS species lists. FORTH continued on the Top-level ontology, and on X-Search to access FAO Species Profiles. SPREAD continued testing the JSON based JAVA re-allocation and the use of WPS. ICIS and the the gCubeApp for Biodiversity data management were reviewed. WP3 Milestone status: MS 14: meeting last week and achievements will be published on channel this week; MS 13: a difficult one - must find a contingency - do it with a Wiki to achieve MS within a reasonable time.

  • ACTION FAO to deliver information to TRUST for MS14 publication.
  • ACTION FAO to make a proposal for MS13 by Wed 18th July and to achieve it by end July

On WP4 report: 1 of 5 prepared & planned interview with members of iMarine Consortium (Andrea Manzi - iMarine Deputy Technical Director playing on homepage). 1 video interview expected from either Lino or Donatella CNR by end July. 2 written interveiws with Ward Appeltans – OBIS Project Manager – and Julien Barde – IRD to be sent to TRUST. 1 interview with Mark Fornwall, Chair of the IODE Steering Group for OBIS to be released in July 2012 for end month newsletter. Preparation of 1 interview with Francky Callaewart, EC DG MARE – to be revised according to DG MARE meeting notes & followed up in July. Currently, drafting iMarine 16 month calendar – proposal to be circulated to consortium by end of July for production in early September. CNR submitted a contribution to EGI Technical Forum 2012 titled "Managing Virtual Research Environments in Hybrid Data Infrastructures" (CNR) and NKUA representatives participated a consensus building meeting among three projects: iMarine, EarthServer and ESPAS, held in Greece on 29 June 2012. In this meeting the gCube system has been briefly introduced and the discussion has touched the potential of integrating gCube technology with array databases under various perspectives. ACTION: George to provide a short news text. Get info & Ok from Peter Baumann re event. Generation of iMarine Application Texts in collaboration with FAO & CNR - Ecological Niche Modelling, Integrated Capture Information System & Vessel Transmitted Information. iMarine App Demos now urgently required at least 1 by end of July.

  • ACTION CNR & FAO: record demos and send to Trust by end July.

Dissemination Material to be produced for upcoming events - Tentative List: - EGI Tech Forum Sept 2012 – Scientific Poster & Sci Flyer - EUDAT Conference October 2012 – Community Specific - DAITF & ICORDI – 24 & 25 Sept 2012 - All Marine Knowledge Meeting Oct 2012 – General - Other ????

  • ACTION: TRUST to contact Wouter Los (LIFEWATCH) for an interview.
  • ACTION: Mobile Apps - TRUST to set up a call to discuss content of App proposal with FAO & CNR

On WP5 report: (Lino on belahf of WP5 leader) During the period, both iMarine and D4science.org portals have been upgraded to the release 2.9.0 together with the gCube Apps VOVirtual Organization; services. An unexpected downtime was managed in 8 hours. This downtime was caused by the fact that 70% of VMs hosting GHNs at CNR went down for a power cut due a misconfiguration of the switches connecting the Storage Area network and the VMs in the data center. Unfortunately there is not a serious way to test similar situations until they happen. The data center configuration has been resolved and all switches are secured via dedicated UPS. There is a discussion between WP5 & WP7 changing SW release to shorten release cycle. Goal to reduce downtime & infrastructure upgrades and have a schedule of new releases well in advance. By next PEB - the new procedures will be presented. WP5 report production - ToC (D5.2) has been approved by George (NTUA), now being generated.

  • ACTION: CERN and ENG to finalize the definition of the new release, build, integration, and deployment procedures and policies

On WP6 report: (Lino on belahf of WP6 leader) Main achievement release of new Biodiversity Environment VRE - provides access to a number of data providers that maintain observation data. First delivered in D4S portal and now also available via iMarine portal. Validation already in progress and already comments received and updgrade foreseen for end July 2012. Ongoing activity - NCBI now ready to be released. Number of new features & upgrades in this period. Capability to access data directly in workspace from desktop client. Windows, MAC & LINUX instructions available. SW management widget - allows any authorised user to uplaod & manage own SW in VRE - currently under testing in CNR. Based on wizard to guide end users to upload key info required by infrastructure to run own SW. This is part of the iMarine initiative to open to other SW than just gCube and will be available soon. New framework for management for tabular data - 1st version has been created but not yet available. JDBC connector to DB by using standard JDBC enabling SW. Open infra to other SW. Still in alpha release and will be available before review - 1st new release after Summer break (not end July 12). NKUA performing an extension & enrichment of search framework to integrate semantic search. User Interface point-of-view - annotate fields with semantic keywords.

On WP7 report: Integration of gCube 2.9.0 release continued in the reporting period. E-IIS performed integration builds and, mainly, deployment tests. E-IIS, CNR and CERN collaborated in discovery and resolving some dynamic deployment issues. gCube 2.9.0 release were made available in Maven Repositories making possible the upgrade of production infrastructure. In reference to documentation and distribution activities, NKUA put in production the new version of the Distribution Site including the updated web pages and the javadoc crawler, E-IIS adapted the ReleaseNotes Generator tool to new distribution reports and NKUA produced a news in gCube website concerning gCube 2.9.0 release. Began discussion to change list procedure & release cycle. Minimise time btn developer & production steps. To be announced / presented at next PEB.

On WP8 report: (Lino on belahf of WP8 leader) On-going activity on VRE generation & management which was identified at the beginning of the project and the goal is to simplify VREs creation by users so that they are eventually independent of any technical support. Currently only partially possible. Requires back-end tech changes. In good dev phase at the moment. Wil be part of pre review release. Going towards the creation of an easy to use environment by users. Simplification of HW & SW resources management, to reduce downtime of infrastructure. E-IIS performing development activities on the REST interfaces of the Authentication module and the User Management Module as well as the activities of study possible improvement and integration of Shibboleth Identity Provider. Workin progress or for next month includes completing the work on VRE creation and package deployment/undeployment, resuming the work on the new foundations, continuing the implementation of the security components according to tickets, introducing the package upgrade features within nodes and VREs, adapting the Resource Registry repository provider for gCube to enrich the hosting node information, integrating PE2ng with Resource Registry and drafting & delivering D8.2 (due in August).

On WP9 report: In T9.1 FAO begun the re-factorisation of the tree-manager-library according to the specifications of WP11, with related documentation. CNR team finished with the development of the Synonyms and Layers Capabilities for the Species Discovery Service. While in T9.2 activity progressed as follows CERN worked on extending the Data Transfer Agent in order to implement asynchronous operations, NKUA worked on improving the TCP transfer method performance of gRS2, NKUA worked on providing the capability of transporting errors between consumers and producer in the gRS2 library NKUA worked on the gRS2Broker in order to present the data in XML format instead of HTML format, Terradue continued with supporting WPSHadoop CNR and FAO developers and fixed related bugs. In T9.3 CNR worked on a reusable component for tabular data visualization and processing, released a Tabular Data widget alpha version, created an interface for data sources definition and access through JDBC and performed a first integration of the Tabular Data Widget with the Statistical Manager Portlet.

On WP10 report: D10.1: gCube Query Language Specification and D10.3: iMarine Data Consumption Software were finalized and submitted. Activity on communication and integration between the gCube Search System and Semantic Search have been made. In reference to geo-spatial data manipulation, focus was on the integration of a Thredds Service with GeoNetwork and the management of NetCDF-CF files. The Environmental Explorer library was developed in order to perform intersections of geo-spatial layers with coordinate points. While in the context of Data Mining, the efficiency of the Statistical Manager was enhanced. A connection to the Executor engine was implemented in order to parallelize algorithms on several GHNs. The performance and robustness of the system have been evaluated and reported. On the other side, the Statistical Manager was redesigned in order to rely on a external message queue for user requests. Terradue worked in the area of Data Visualization, the GeoExplorer portlet was improved by designing the management of multiple GIS workspaces and performing optimization and bug fixing of the current portlet and a WPSHadoop connector to a WMS hosted by GeoServer is under design. TCom finalised design of integration procedure for the components released under T10.1 and agreed on plan for activity - until end July most work must be completed to ensure up and running in Sept 2012 in time for review. NKUA has some concerns as to progress and actual feasibility of achieving target.

  • ACTION: NKUA to set up a conference call for next week (beginning 23 July) to understand the status of the work and investigate eventual contingency plans. One of reviewers is a semantics experts so we should expect a great deal of questions / observations on this aspect.
  • ACTION: NKUA to investigate on the missing FAO report in T10.4 and to report on the status of the activities of that task managed by FORTH

On WP11 report: During this period, work in WP11 focused on the refinement of the Integration and Interoperability framework and the launching of implementation towards its practices. The CL Application Framework and the CL Design model have been revisited, both in code, associated documentation and examples. The management model for Client Libraries has also been completed and presented here and includes information on building of client libraries, including interactive builds and continuous integration builds; profiling of client libraries as system components; packaging of client libraries for distribution purposes; and testing of client libraries, including unit testing an integration testing. For T1.2 - Data Management APIs activity, the Data Transfer agent CL has been modified to be compliant with the Integration and Interoperability facilities framework for CL. While for T11.3 - Data Consumption APIs, the implementation of the gCube-OaiORE provider has been launched that will support the OAI-ORE standard to expose gCube compound digital objects as aggregations to external applications and the Search CL has been implemented in compliance with the CL framework of T11.1. Additionally the milestone MS47:'Data Management APIs Secification' has been achieved, with the inclusion of all the APIs of the software subsystems respective to the functional category and the analysis of their key features, framework compliance and adoption of protocols and specifications.

Deliverables status

The following deliverables have accumulated delay: None

Deliverables due this month:

  • D5.2 iMarine Data e-Infrastructure Operation Report , M9, CERN
  • D6.3 Virtual Research Environments Activity Report , M9, FAO

Deliverables due next month:

  • D1.2 iMarine Periodic Report, M10, ERCIM
  • D3.2 EA-CoP Governance, M10, FAO
  • D7.2 Software Release Activity Report, M10, E-IIS
  • D8.2 iMarine Data Infrastructure Enabling Software, M10, CNR

Milestones status

The following milestones have accumulated some delay:

  • MS28 Community tool and common tools development and release, M6, FAO
  • MS13 Data validation procedures, M7, FAO
  • MS14 Meeting of iMarine Board, M7, FAO

Due this month:

  • None

Due next month:

  • MS48 Data Consumption APIs Specification, M10, NKUA


Next PEB will be Monday 6 August 2012 at 15:00 CET

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