15.12.2011 WP9 - T9.2 Conference Call with Terradue

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Time: Monday December 15, 2011, 11:30 - 12:10 Europe/Rome

  • discuss and approve the template for tasks reporting;
  • perform a briefing about the activities.


WP9: G. Coro

T9.2 - Terradue: F. Brito, F. Barchetta

Main Discussions and Actions

Discuss and approve the template for tasks reporting

Coro introduces the template for the Task activity report available at http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/WP9:_Data_Management_Facilities_Development_Monthly_Activity_By_Task_and_Beneficiary_-_Template; Terradue accepts the template structure.


  • Coro will fulfill the task activity in T9.2, describing the architectures discussed so far. Terradue will control and complete the activity report.

Discuss and approve the activities

Coro reports that the tests in the VTI environment with the new library provided by Terradue were successful. The new library will be released in production environment with the gcube 2.7.2 release.

Brito describes the structure of the future service about netCDF files content publication via THREDDS software or, alternatively, via a WPS service provided by a 52North Software http://52north.org/maven/project-sites/wps/52n-wps-webapp/.

Brito reports that THREDDS is currently running on Open Nebula installation on Terradue site. When ready, the whole system will be moved in the d4Science infrastructure production environment.

The 52North WPS service will be extended with plugins for performing resampling of netCDF data. It will be integrated in the infrastructure by means of a connector in the Data Access gCube Service.

Coro describes the structure of the Data Access service in gCube: THREDDS will be accessed by the Data Access service for retrieving data without performing processing. WPS will be interrogated when even processing (in addition to retrieval) facilities will be required.

Barchetta explains that THREDDS can be used via both OPENDAP and WCS interface, this will allow to leave the VTI service as it is, when netCDF files will be published on THREDDS.


  • Terradue will contact Task 9.2 leader (A. Manzi) in order to discuss about the latest developments;
  • Coro will report to other WP9 participants about the WPS and THREDDS services;
  • Terradue will continue in installing and testing WPS Service and THREDDS.
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