15.01.2014 gCube3.0.0

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Time: Wed January 15, 2014, 16:00 - 16:30 Europe/Rome

Phone call Agenda:

  • gCUbe 3.0.0 status and plans


Paqauale Pagano (CNR)

Massimiliano Assante ( CNR)

Paolo Fabriani (ENG)

Andrea Manzi (CERN)

Main Discussions and Actions

status of the gCore free portal

Massimiliano reported the status of the gCore free portal testing. A new instance of the development portal has been deployed at https://dev2.d4science.org/, and it has been configured without a GHN installation. Enabling portlet are working fine.

Andrea made some changes on the TimeSeries portlet to embed a GHN and it can work without issues in the new portal.

Still the Statistical Manager portlet and Trendylizer are using a CL that is not gCore free. Angela should work on this.

Next step is the creation of the new maven-portal-bom to reflect the changes to the portal. Afterwards all portlet dev should update their pom to include missing libs.

GIven the inpact this activity has been postponed to the next release ( it's going to be presented by Massimiliano during the Tcom)


Paolo reported that apart some issues fixed by Fabio the HEAD builds are fine.

Andrea also reported that the new version of teh GHN is ready ( a last change to the version of Xstream has been integrated), but still most of the dev infra is running with java 6.

Andrea should send a reminder in order to move to java 7 and also start to upgrade the dev infra to the latest GHN version.

Lino reported that the main developments to be included in the gCube 3.0.0 are alsmost ready ( TDM, HL enhancements, Statistical Manager enhancements), so it has been decided to have the new release cycle window from monday 27 to Friday 31 Janauary

Paolo will send a mail later in the week.

Next conf call will be organized in a week time.

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