13.12.2011 WP10 T10.1 -T10.4 Conference Call

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Time: Tuesday December 13, 2011, 12:10 - 13:10 Europe/Athens.

The aim of this conference call was to streamline the collaboration between T10.1 and T10.4 and to plan a course of actions for the near future.


WP10, T10.1: Gerasimos Farantatos, NKUA.

T10.1: George Kakaletris, NKUA.

T10.4: Yannis Tzitzikas, FORTH.

T10.4: Yannis Marketakis, FORTH.

Main Discussions and Actions


FORTH inquired NKUA on the possibility to set up a test VRE.

NKUA informed FORTH about the existence of the gCube dev infrastructure which can be used by FORTH in order to familiarize themselves with the system.

FORTH asked about the format of the search results offered by the gCube Search System and whether OpenSearch format is available.

NKUA informed FORTH on the availability of OpenSearch formatted results and about the ways of harvesting gCube search results in general.

FORTH expressed its requirement of search snippets to NKUA

NKUA agreed to investigate the integration of snippet support to the Index System through the related Lucene tool

NKUA informed FORTH about the heterogeneity of search results and that the presence of specific fields depends on the configuration of the underlying data sources.

Snippets could be included as a generic search field

FORTH inquired on actual content access in order to understand how gCube content can drive a certain class of their applications (e.g. entity mining)

NKUA informed FORTH about the existence of content URIs which point either to internal or external content.

NKUA described briefly the gCube content model.

FORTH expressed their intention of developing a test case demo external WAR application which will be driven by gCube data.

gCube services will follow taking into account requirements from NKUA and the communities. FORTH in direct contact with FAO.

A list of generic semantic related functionalities was agreed to be compiled by NKUA and communicated to FORTH.

NKUA informed FORTH on their previous work on semantics and the existence of a related tool developed by the former which could be ported to the latest gCube Search System.

FORTH informed NKUA on their previous work and examples of already developed components.

Any preexisting closed source components by FORTH can be included in the gCube distribution as external components in binary format along with all necessary licensing.

New components or possible extensions and re-implementations by FORTH will be under EUPL.

Communication between NKUA and FORTH and can take place through wiki provided by TRUST-IT.


  • Short-term:
    • NKUA will assist FORTH in familiarizing with dev infrastructure
    • NKUA will inform FORTH about the architecture and programmatic use of gCube services and the gCube Search System in particular
    • NKUA will assist FORTH in familiarizing with gCube portlet development
    • NKUA will compile a list of semantic related functionalities which can be integrated into the gCube Search System
    • NKUA will investigate integration of snippet support into the Search System
    • FORTH will develop a demo external application
  • Medium-term:
    • FORTH will develop gCube services based on requirements expressed by NKUA and FAO
    • BOTH will decide how services developed by FORTH will be integrated into the gCube Search System
    • BOTH will investigate the possibility of extending the QL Specification of M6 deliverable which is already available by NKUA based on the work done thus far
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