13.06.2013 Blue Hackathon Participation

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Time: Thu, June 13, 2013, 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

  • Proposed challenges - What we expect as useful? Propose any other (please fill in the wiki page first)
  • Available datasets - Which data sets are available for exploitation? I remind you that corresponding APIs must be fully documented


  • Alex Antoniadis (NKUA)
  • John Gerbesiotis (NKUA)
  • Andrea Manzi (CERN)
  • Yannis Tzitzikas (FORTH)
  • Yannis Marketakis (FORTH)
  • Pavlos Fafalios (FORTH)
  • Anton Ellenbroek (FAO)
  • Claudio Baldassarre (FAO)

Discussion Summary

The participation of iMarine should focus on:

  • Provide all available datasets that with fully documented APIs
  • Provide available services that could be exploited
  • Set background and describe challenges in an abstract way, mentioning in which way they give value to community.

FAO said that Challenge #1 (Enrich HTML web content with RDF annotation, and enable annotation-based document discovery) seems to be most valuable from their side.

Andrea suggested to write down on wiki page all available datasets with their documentation but not make extra effort for unpublished/undocumented datasets.

FORTH suggested more challenges that could be added as well.

All agreed that some are overlaping, so we could come up with some merged.

APIs wont be bounded to challenges.


  • Andrea will write down on wiki page all available datasets with their documentation
  • Conclude to all potential challenges during this week
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