12.12.2011 WP9 Conference Call

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Time: Monday December 12, 2011, 14:30 - 15:30 Europe/Rome

  • discuss and approve the template for tasks and WPs reporting;
  • perform a briefing about the activities.


WP9: G. Coro

T9.1: F. Simeoni

T9.2: A. Manzi

T9.3: L. Lelii, F. De Faveri

Main Discussions and Actions

Discuss and approve the template for tasks and WPs reporting

WP9 introduces the template for the Monthly Activity Report available at http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Monthly_Activity_Report_Template and describes the template for the tasks activities report, available at http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/WP9:_Data_Management_Facilities_Development_Monthly_Activity_By_Task_and_Beneficiary_-_Template as approved by the PEB.


  • All the task leaders will fulfill the template and have discussions with their respective participants in order to understand all the details of the sub-activities;
  • Templates will be fulfilled by 23 Dec. 2011.

Discuss and approve the activities of the Work Package

T9.1 describes the activity the group is working on: enrichment of the functionalities of the Content Manager for supporting translation among data descriptions; T9.2 alerts about the fact that the working activity has not started yet from the CERN side and that the work of NKUA has still to be defined; T9.3 describes the preliminary analysis that has been done about data harmonization: evaluation of the ETL data warehouse tool for usage in the task.

WP9 describes the activity he is taking with Terradue, which introduced the possible use of the THREDDS software, for publishing and managing netCDF files content by means of OGC protocols. T9.1 and T9.2 discuss with WP9 about the placement of this activity on both the tasks, even if this is formally associated to the T9.2.

T9.1 discusses about the possible interactions between the Content Manager and the Terradue solution.


  • T9.2 will discuss about the details of the solution with Terradue, in order to understand how THREDDS could be involved in the Data Transfer activity;
  • T9.2 will clarify the work of NKUA in this task;
  • T9.1 will continue with the design and implementation of the new solution for data access;
  • T9.3 will continue in the evaluation of ETL software;
  • WP9 will organize a conference call with Terradue in order to understand the developments about the THREDDS software usage;
  • Terradue activity will be used by both data access and data transfer. Effort in both the activity will be clarified when further information will be available.
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