12.08.2013 Biodiv

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Skype call, 12 August 2013

Agenda: discuss collaboration with Dmitri Mozzherin

On the call: Dima Mozzherin, Fabio Fiorellato, Edward Vanden Berghe

Plans for later this week:

  • DM will update parser service at gni.globalnames.org to the newest code, and will try to keep xml backward compatible.
  • EvB will try new parser and let DM know if it all works as expected
  • EvB will share the report format as generated by the R script to compare different settings of FF’s jar; the objective of the R script is to facilitate quantitative comparison of performance of different taxonomic name matching systems.

Plans for later this month:

  • DM will add pre-processing functionality to the parser, to make sure that names surrounded by quotes, names with non-traditional capitalization can be optionally normalized for parsing.
  • FF will update his Java code to send multiple names in one request (pipe delimited); up to now, only single names are sent to the parser.
  • DM will check whether his parser can accept http post (up to now, only http get is used, but obviously suffers from limitation of number of characters).
  • We will look at resolution service GN has, and compare it with resolution service at iMarine, and find ways to cooperate on making better quality services, figuring out flexible rules for name resolution.
  • iMarine and GN will work together and with GBIF on creation of globally accessible names repository in DwCA format, which is free to use by any organization and service, which updates regularly is the main source of names for GBIF, GNI, iMarine, iPlant TNRS etc.

FF will not be available between 15 and 21 August; EvB will not be available on 15 and 16 August. We hope to talk again either second half of the week starting 19, or any day in the week starting 26 August.

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