12.07.2013 WP5-WP8 : Security Integration

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Time: Friday July 12, 2013, 11:00 - 12:00 Europe/Rome

  • Security Integration


CERN: Andrea Manzi;

E-IIS: Ciro Formisano;

Main Discussions and Actions

Security Integration at all level:

  • integration with 2 variables in the GHN to start secure.
  • integration of the ghn-manager client in order to stop the secure container.


Argus custom to be stored in the portal ( retrieved by public link)

Client integration:

  • use a first client to to test the MSL.

GHNManagerClient to be tested.


  • the calls can be done using the portal certiticates. so they goes out using the same identity.

the issue come from the fact that the portal does not use SOA3 for authentication of the users.

another solution has been presented by Ciro:

  • it is possible to use the id-federation feature, providing an IdP of Shibboleth which will replace the login mechanism provided by Liferay. In other words, after the integration between Liferay and SOA3, it will be possible to use the assertion id produced by federated login for accessing the services through the Portal with the correct identity. The assertion id will be stored in the Session and the clients integrated in the portal will retrieve that id and use it for the calls.
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