12.03.2013 Geospatial Planning

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Meeting Notes: call on Geospatial cluster WIKI (Skype)

Date: 12-March-2013 10:30 - 12:00

Topics: Geospatial Cluster WIKI organization


  • FAO: A. Ellenbroek , E.Blondel
  • TerraDue: H. Caumont


  1. Overview:
  • Terradue has reworked the iMarine Geospatial Cluster wiki pages, according to the template provided for supporting the iMarine Work Plan.
  • Terradue offers to assist others in compiling similar pages, starting with IRD for the Semantic Cluster
  • Terradue notes there is a need for a clear linkage between WP3 Harmonization, Board Work Plan decisions in support of the Business Cases, and other WP implementing them e.g. Data access and Management activity.
  • FAO observes the need to distinguish between longer term Business Case goals and short term WP objectives. Cluster description should link between these, without growing into their own layer.
  • FAO (E.Blondel) and IRD (J.Barde)have contributed extensively to the description of geospatial data access components and the documentation thereof (see http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Geospatial_Cluster_-_Data_Sources). This page should be referenced in the main Geospatial Cluster wiki page.
  • FAO (E.Blondel) has continued the work of metadata publication through the FAO geonetwork server. The descriptive page giving the publication guidelines for data & service providers (see http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/OGC/ISO_Publishing_guidelines_for_Data_and_Services_Providers) was reviewed, and will be upgraded. T2, FAO & IRD will discuss an appropriate template for such guidelines.
  • Both FAO (E.Blondel) and Terradue (H.Caumont) agreed that guidelines should not mention technology/implementation solutions (e.g. GeoNetwork for CSW server).
  • Data categorization & discovery was discussed. This topic was partially handled with IRD in the publishing guidelines. FAO (A.Ellenbroek) has suggested to set up a different wiki page for that, in relation with INSPIRE categories.
  • Plan for TCom and Board participation was discussed. Both E.Blondel and H.Caumont will attend the Board, but neither will be present in Pisa. For Terradue, F.Brito will attend the TCOM in Pisa.
  1. Actions.
  • FAO – A.Ellenbroek: Invite other cluster leaders to review their pages, with the kind assistance offered by H.Caumont.
  • FAO – E.Blondel to enrich the wiki with information on the Geospatial Cluster data sources, Guidelines for OGC metadata use and generation, and Data Categorization/Discovery.
  • Terradue – Hervé; to contact J.Barde to review the semantic cluster page, and enrich with links to relevant geospatial pages.
  1. Next call
  • Next Tuesday 19 March 2013 10 AM.
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