11.06.2013 Policy Management portlet

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  • Description: Meeting notes on Policy Management portlet
  • Date: 11-June-2013 from 15:15 to 16:45
  • Topics: Policy Portlet validation
  • Participants: Andrea Manzi (CERN), Ciro Formisano (ENG), Pasquale Pagano (CNR)


Portlet available at: https://grids10.eng.it/group/testing/policy-definition

Changes to be discussed/applied:

  • add a column on the first page in order to show if there are policies for a given servicename/service class ( the number of available policies)
  • add a view on the available policies (and possibly a filter)
  • 2 different tables for service and user policies
  • create/modify policy to go back to previous table when clicking on cancel.
  • possible to modify a policy without ticking on the “modify xx value” option. TO CHECK with Antonio.

Other points of discussions:

  • script in order to import roles from LF to LDAP to be defined and presented at TCOM
  • we should understand how to manage a service category for S2S policies SOA3 side. ( TCOM presentation)
  • we should understand how to create a service category at the level of the GUI (TCOM presentation)
    • a new portlet ?
    • extension to user management portlet ?
  • The system should be configured by default with no Authz, only with a defined policy the Authz is on.
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