11.02.2013 GeoSpatial Cluster

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Time: Monday February 11, 2013, 15:00 - 16:00 Europe/Rome

  • Legacy Application Integration


CNR: Leonardo Candela, Gianpaolo Coro, Pasquale Pagano;

FAO: Emmanuel Blondel, Anton Ellenbroek;

Terradue: Frabrice Brito, Hervé Caumont

Main Discussions and Actions

On Legacy Applications Integration

Terradue created a page for defining an approach aiming at supporting this feature. Moreover, Terradue circulated a set of slides through the GeoSpatial Cluster mailing list.


  • On envisaged roles:
    • in the infrastructure there is an Hadoop Cluster that might be (re-)used;
    • (Fabrice) there is a requirement related with the hosting of legacy software;
    • (Leo) the role of infrastructure manager should be taken into account;
  • It seems that there is a lack of deeper integration with the rest of iMarine (gCube) infrastructure
    • the sw artifacts management should be integrated with gCube sw artifacts;
    • instances of WPS services should be discoverable via the gCube IS;
  • (Gianpaolo) what is the approach for exposing the processes of the Statistical Manager via the WPS?
    • (Fabrice) the Statistical Manager is seen as a client of WPS processes;
    • (Fabrice) if there exist a client for the Statistical Manager, this can be integrated in the WPS-Hadoop instance;
  • (Gianpaolo)
  • (Pasquale) the page of Roles is important since it characterizes the scope (and the capabilities) of the proposed approach
    • E.g. it is not catering for a generic legacy application. Rather there is Terradue that is taking care (case by case) on the porting;
    • (HervĂ©) we should add something clarifying the procedure leading to the deployment of a new "Legacy Application" within the infrastructure;
      • (Pasquale) moreover, we should have a policy governing the selection of applications to be ported;

Agreed Actions Summary

  • to discuss on the integration among the GeoSpatial Facilities and the iMarine infrastructure (#1274);
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