10.12 Biodiversity

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Biodiversity Validation Review and TaxaMatch Planning 10 December 2012


  • Fin: Nicolas Bailly
  • iMarine: A.Ellenbroek


Relevant sections of the meeting:

  • AE explained how he past validation results will be used to prepare next steps, and that the efforts of FIN were much appreciated;
  • AE explained the change towards a structure to requirements collection and to improve the description of the desiderata;
    • Use a tool such as GANTTPROJECT;
    • Split requirements in Functional , technical, and UI parts (proposed);
    • Functional requirements have a tree structure, where there can be sub-sub-sub-sun requirements;
    • After the functional part has been described, it can be discussed in fora such as TCom to estimate the effort needed
    • Such approach can work for the TaxonMatcher and EnvironmentalEnrichment parts. AE will start with their compilation
  • The objective is to have a clearer set of requirements for developers, validators, and users.
  • NB provided an status updated of the FIN activities, and will contribute to the development of the Work Plan.

Main discussion outcomes

The actions towards exploitation of a FishFinder reporting VRE are for December:

  • AE to continue with the GANTT for Taxon matching;
  • AE to start teh GANTT for Environmental Enrichment;
  • NB to contribute to descriptions;
  • NB to ensure the GANTTs are discussed in the Biodiv cluster to ensure coverage.
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