10.10.2012 WP5-WP7 Conference Call

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Time: Wed Oct 10 , 2012, 10:30 - 11:00 CET


WP7 leader: Gabriele Giammatteo (ENG)

WP5 leader: Andrea Manzi (CERN)

TD : Pasquale Pagano ( CNR)

Summary of the discussion

Issues on the build machine at ENG ( solved today), the latest build 2.10.0 are available at CNR BTRT

The latest build problems are related to a cyclic dependencies on RRGcubeBridge ( should be fixed)

latest DT status on:


the idea is to close the release by the beginning on the next week/end of this week.

CERN to try to some portlet DT on newportal machine.

the next release 2.11.0, should include only some components ( as discussed during the latest PEB), ENG to send and email to TCOM.

Components for 2.11.0 to release:

- Statistical Manager

- Time Series

- Occurrence portlet

- XSearch

- Data Transfer portlet

- SPD service and portlet

Meeting on Bruxelles demo: CERN to understand the blocking issues for tomorrow and check which of the fixes can be deployed in production.

TimeSeries,? GeoserverInterface ? SPD ?


  • ENG: prepare the mail to TCom with 2.11.0 release details and deadline
  • CERN : check possible High priority fixes to deploy in production today
  • CERN : try to install 2.10.0 portlet in newportal
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