10.10.2012 WP11 - HTTP Resolver

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Time: Wednesday October 10, 2012, 12:00 - 13:00 Europe/Rome

Conference call agenda:

  • To discuss on the architecture and design of the system that will be disseminating and resolving HTTP URIs for access to system resources
  • To decide on implementation apportionment


Alex Antoniadis (NKUA)

Fabio Simeoni (FAO)

George Kakaletris (NKUA)

Rena Tsantouli (NKUA)


Introductory design

Conversation based on the Architectural Design presented by George and found here.


  • Fabio:
    • No need for implicit use of 'Content' resolvers - dispatch URIs through built in mechanism, configuration-based
    • Resolvers implemented as standalone REST web services
    • URIs specification safeguarded by URI Minter
    • In design, a solution of standalone resolvers without knowledge of peers existence would be simpler and preferable
  • The solution proposed by Fabio, does not rule out possible extensions per resolver, for support of advanced features.
  • About scalability/availability issue, three alternative options identified:
    • assume that lack of resolver in the chosen node would simply mean a 404 error
      • in the case of restricted number of authorities in the infrastructure, there is bigger control over the deployed resolvers and this would be unlikely to happen
      • does not allow scaling
    • discovery and load-balancing mechanisms integrated inside URI Mints
      • per service authority resolution
      • requires enhancement of interface provided by Mint and interaction with IS
    • scalability at site scenario with the use of reverse proxies
      • George: reverse proxies could cause problems (not supported by everyone, complication, etc.)
  • NKUA (Rena and Alex) will cooperate with Fabio and will contribute in the development of additional resolvers based on the implementation for common-uri and tree-uri-resolver
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