10.09.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday September 10, 2012, 15:00 - 18:30 Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the August WP reports prepared by each WP leader;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

M10 (Aug '12) Activity Report

WP1 Aug Activity Update (Anton - FAO):

report from August available at [1]

The deadline for the periodic report is 17 september, since there is no so much time to integrate all the contributions, the deadline is strict and cannot be extended ( Lino and Donatella stressed also about this point)

2nd advanced payments is pending for Terradue and FIN ( to check their activity first)

participation to GB meeting in Rome for all partners is requested. ( only CERN has replied )

Some deliverables are in delay ( as reported by Linh) and should be completed as fast as possible.

WP2 Aug Activity Update (Donatella - CNR):

report from August available at [2]

Lifewatch has asked iMarine to have a training event (10 people attending). The meeting can be arranged in Rome ( originally proposal was Amsterdam) but we should find a date and a location.

we should prepare properly the event ( one or 2 days). Donatella will check if the meeting can be postponed to middle of November.

Lino said that we need to understand first the skills of the people from Lifewatch that will participate so than we can prepare the training accordingly.

Anton said that during the tcom in Rome some demo has been organized to other FAO partners which can be extended to Lifewatch people.

Donatella will check what can be organized and the discussion will continue by mail.

Donatella has organized a meeting with other projects ( 11-12 october in Bruxelles, with other 6 projects). The type of meeting is very political ( high level) in order to establish synergies.

Donatella said that they had a telco with Pedersen from Arkansas uni, his group will collaborate with iMarine in the validation activity. A meting at UNESCO have been also organized and some liasons with other project are under discussion.

Some contacts have been established with GeoBon.

It's important to prioritize all the requests received but all member of PEB should be aware of the discussions. During the TCOM there will be presentation about this topic.

WP3 Aug Activity Update (Anton - FAO):

report from August available at [3]

Terradue and CRIA didn't report anything in this month.

Lino clarified that the TCOM agenda will be finalized during this week.

Lino asked about COTRIX if it will be an application outside the infrastructure and in particular if the UI will be deployed on the portal.

Donatella asked if COTRIX is a collaboration or if it's in 100% inside the boundary of the project.

Anton asked if CNR can give some detail about the species distribution maps ( to included it in the Android Application). some information have to be provided by Trust-IT.

WP4 Aug Activity Update (Hilary - TRUST-IT):

report from August not available

- ICIS app demo video will be ready by the beginning of the next week, then VTI, Aquamaps and Biodiversity will follow. Anton is going to record VTI on Thursday.

- Lino suggested to have more than one demo video.

- They agreed to have external interviews ( people not members of the project, or boards). Experts in areas of interest for iMarine in order to have this interview available on the channels. suggestions on possible interviews are welcome.

- Mark sent some documents related to soustanabiliy, and this content will be added to the website

- The calendar will be ready and distributed during the various meeting in october.

- Sara is revising some text for the poster and the biodiversity application text will be added when provided by CNR.

- Hilary asked if Edward should be removed from the channel. ( he is not member of UNESCO and the project). Edward will be removed for now as confirmed by Donatella.

- Donatella asked about the training activity. Hilary said that the training material will be ready mid december and it's for internal members ( but it's not sure)

WP5 Aug Activity Update (Andrea - CERN):

report from August available at [4]

Since FIN server is not available Andrea asked if possible to move the FIN effort ( 1PM ) to another activity. Philippe said that we can move the effort with not particular problem

Andrea will send first an email to FIN and GEOMAR with Donatella in copy to understand the situation, before taking any decision.

WP6 Aug Activity Update (Gianpaolo (on behalf of Leonardo) - CNR):

report from August available at [5]

Lino said that he is aware of some activity only at the time of the report, cause there is not discussion or official communication. This point was also raised at the level of SB.

WP7 Aug Activity Update (noone from E-IIS connected):

report available at [6]

WP8 Aug Activity Update (Manuele - CNR):

report available at [7]

Lino asked if ENG is inline with the deadlines in T8.2 and Manuele said that we have to wait for Friday for the release deadline.

Andrea asked if in case of usage of JMS do we want to have a single solutions at project level. Discussion to continue by mail.

WP9 Aug Activity Update (Gianpaolo) - CNR):

report available at [8]

Gianpaolo asked about the Activity performed by NKUA on T9.2. The report stated that NKUA is implementing a file storage system, but in reality it's a library that it's abstracting over several storage systems. since this activity has to be performed also in WP11 it's better to coordinate in order not to replicate the work. A phone call will be organized for this topic

Lino stated that the report from Terradue does not have meaning. Gianpaolo will contact them to understand the status of the activity.

Donatella asked about the interaction with Terradue and Gianpaolo said that they have interaction regarding WPS. he said that in case of simple problem they have immediate feedback but in case of complex issues ( algorithm does not use MapReduce) they are not willing to modify their implementation. Because of this particular issue the algorithm they have implemented cannot run on Hadoop.

WP10 Aug Activity Update (Gerasimos - NKUA):

report available at [9]

Lino asked if the components released by FORTH are containing all the agreed functionalities and Gerasimos said that there are 2 points stil to clarify but for the rest the functionality are completed.

Donatella said that given the profile of one of the reviewer we will have a lot of attention on XSearch and we should have something that is state of the art.

Gerasimos said that would be nice to have an internal review of the xsearch in order to check if it's fine and give feedback to FORTH. Lino said that if possible to have the xsearch portlet deployed in devportal.

Regarding the tiff_uplaoder is not clear what Terradue has implemented, a call regarding this point is needed.

Gerasimos asked if we can include in the contributions for D10.4 also components part of the next release and Lino replied that can be done without problem.

WP11 Aug Activity Update (Rena - NKUA):

report available at [10]

Rena needs contribution for interoperability standards to present to the Review. A mail will be circulated to the TCom.


Donatella would like to create a catalog of products make available by iMarine. Rena is going to lead this activity and everyone will contribute on it.

Donatella raise the point regarding the Review rehearsal. Since the preparation of the review should be perfect this time she proposed to have a first f2f rehearsal meeting in Rome something in between 29-31 October. this f2f meeting will require the participation of technological partner that has presentation to perform at the Review. The financial and Dissemination activity can be rehearsed by phone.

Lino said that he would prefer to have everyone participating at the rehearsal. Donatella said that the the financial part can be done remotely ( cause only ERCIM is involved) while the Dissemination part should be be there.

the PEB agrees on it, and Donatella will send a mail to the tcom with the details.

the PEB in october will be organized f2f during the TCom in rome.

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