09.01.2014 SmartFish - Search/Map JS Integration

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  • 3 - 3:15pm
  • 4 - 4:15pm
  • 5:15 - 5:30pm


  • CNR: Massimiliano Assante
  • FAO: Emmanuel Blondel


  • Some few preliminary actions were planned, then performed by Massimiliano
  • The project was configured for next developments, and svn was successfully tested
  • Massimiliano provided hints to allowing Emmanuel going ahead with the developments
    • grant SSH access to the development D4science machine (ssh life@dev.d4science.org)
    • instructions to deploy the web-application in the dev portal (copy war to /home/life/Portal-Bundle/deploy).

Next Actions

  • proceed to a first test deployment in the development portal (Emmanuel)
  • Emmanuel will contact Massimiliano if needed
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