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Meeting 8 October 2013, 11:00 am

Google Hangout

Present: Anton Ellenbroek, Julien Barde (IRD) and Yann Laurent. Pierre Chavance (IRD) couldn't attend.


Yann recalled quickly the needs expressed by Pierre. See meeting note 04.10.2013 Regional DB.
The need is double:

  • defining and agreeing on a common DCF formart for large pelagic RCM
  • creating librairies to be provided to data owner to convert their own data format in the agreed standard format

It is agreed that for now the only standardized DCF regional database is FishFrame. The Southern countries of the large pelagic group are reluctant to accept this format, certainly because they understand Fish Frame as a software and not as a format as Julien pointed out. We should better talk of a COST compliant format given that the finality of these formats is to provide data to scientific experts that will analyze data running R scripts.

Julien then explained what has been done in IRD to meet the needs to export DCF data in Fish Frame (FF) format: a connector and converter can access all IRD concerned databases, and export in a standard FishFrmae format (a FF schema is available). Data can also been exported to a postgreSQL COST compliant database. Each time a new database is included in the process, the database model and the FF schema are mapped through SQL queries definition. By extension, it could be used to map a database model to any other standard (eRS, VMS etc.... if compliant).

These components are open source and developed in Java.

Julien is very much in favor of an iMarine integration of these components.

Reference persons are: Julien as coordinator, Celine Rodriguez who works on the development, she is now in DPMA (she can be contacted, Yann met her already). Julien sends the ICES contact.


Yann sends a summary e-mail to Marc and Lino;
Julien sends the ICES contact (update: the ICES contact is Henrik Kjems-Nielsen);
Julien will provide FF schema upon request

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