08.05.2012 Geoprocessing

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WP3 Skype 12.05.08 10.15 - 10.45

Geospatial Cluster

SPREAD and Geoprocessing; Anton Ellenbroek, Fabrice Brito, Emmanuel Blondel

AE: noted a question at the last PEB meeting: P.Pagano reported the need of resources for WPS-Hadoop, and that there is no ticket that describes the Intersection example (WPS-Hadoop SPREAD experiment) and no clear reference to the WPS-Hadoop documentation

FB: The goal of WPS-Hadoop is to allow developers to work and build processes. Terradue will deliver the WPS-Hadoop software component, but not resources, as per contract. Terradue (Francesco) will contact CNR (Gianpaolo Coro) regarding the software delivery, and to discuss the resources needed to set-up WPS-Hadoop in the infrastructure.

FB: should we create a ticket related to the Intersection example?

EB: precised that the WPS-Hadoop documentation provided by Terradue is mentioned in the previous Geospatial cluster meeting notes (03/05/2012)

AE: A ticket should be created for mentioning the activity on Intersection example (the ticket was created during the meeting - see [1])

FB: Terradue is currently migrating the IntersectionAlgorithm available in 52┬░North WPS Server, to WPS-Hadoop. It should be completed by the end of the week. Once finished, Terradue will provide the JAVA code to Emmanuel. It can then be enriched with an enhanced spatial intersection algorithm to test its usability for SPREAD.

Follow up:


  • will complete the WPS-Hadoop Intersection Mapper & send the JAVA code to FAO (Emmanuel)
  • will liaise with CNR regarding the WPS-Hadoop software delivery & discuss the resources needed to set-up the software in the infrastructure

Next call on the Intersection example: Day/Time to define

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