08.05.2012 Biodiversity

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WP3 Skype 08 may 2012

Participants: L. Candela, P.Pagano, E. Vanden Berghe, A.Ellenbroek



  • CRIA and FIN news;
  • Data access and statistical service;

On CRIA and FIN news

EVB Reported on recent mission to Brazil:

  • Visited CRIA during a mission on the creation of an Information System on marine domain (for Sao Paolo area);
  • Meetings with Vanderlei and Dora;
  • Edward presented the use case II;

After having been explained what iMarine intends to achieve in BC2, CRIA will be asked by EVB again where they believe and ask them to report back on their potential contributions

EVB can act as a mediator/facilitator between CRIA and other project members; FAO, CNR;

CRIA offers help in:

  • CRIA has expertise in DarwinCore data generation and consumption.
    • Data access in iMarine of CRIA resources could be organized. LC: We have an import pluging, but is not completed for DwC-A.
    • Data access of AquaMaps data through Darwin Core could be a starter, this can already be produced in the e-Infrastructure..
  • Quality control: 'occurrence data enrichment' with environmental data, cluster analysis, 'outlier detection' based not only on distance but physiological distance across environmental gradients:
    • PP; we do not know what software they plan to offer; This will come in a second phase;
    • CRIA might be involved soon to work in the Aquamaps scenario oceanography data;
  • openModeller integration. This iMarine approach is worrying CRIA. EVB reports that they fear that the different technologies may cause differences in results between CRIA and other openModeller implementations.
    • LC clarifies that this problem should be sorted out now; the porting of openModeller on cloud infrastructure is an EUBrazilOpenBio topic. The technology resulting from OpenBio will be reused in iMarine scenarios);
    • for Edward, OpenModeller is a key tool for Business Case II, and the results must be validated. Are the CRIA products identical to the future iMarine products?;
    • LP: we have no plans for openModeler in iMarine, but if we need it, it can be used from EUBrazilOpenBio. We have to find an arrangement
  • On AM Data
    • EB: Analytical processes could start with AM data, where both species distribution and environmental data come in similar resolutions. That could be used in a cluster analysis.
    • LC asks how the requirements will be produced, who leads the activity, and what the time-scale is.
    • LP: We already have OGC capabilities on .5 degree cells. We also have a library to return cell info. We should discuss the analysis with GPCoro, asks CRIA to contribute to the wiki, and by November we could start using the facility. We need a model and train it with data etc. In EUOpenBIO we have a range of algorithms, including MaxEnt.

On Data access and statistical service

Topic skipped; relevant issues were mentioned under DarwinCore topic above.

Short terms plan:

  • the topic in common is 'outline detection'
    • we might start with physical oceanography data underlying the Aquamaps scenario;
    • the analytical tool might be built by starting on this;
    • CNR will circulate information on how to have access to these data;
  • On DarwinCore expertise (in OBIS Brazil):
    • this needs a proposal for CRIA to be produced first;
    • CNR has already developed technology to expose data in DarwinCore;
    • Technology to deal with DarwinCore-Archive (DWC-A) should be developed;
  • EVb will try to arrange a meeting with CRIA in the week May 21-25;
    • tentative date is May 22, 16:00 CET; (Leo can not participate)

FIN news (this is a main problem):

  • no news from Nicholas, although a rough plan was in place;
  • Edward will try to contact Nicholas again;
  • if nothing will change, the issue should be posed to a different level of project management (SB);
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