08.03.2013 Production Support

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Time: Friday March 8th, 2013, 15:20 - 16:30 Europe/Rome

  • Incident Tickets


Anderea Manzi(CERN)

Pasquale Pagano (CNR)

Lucio Lelii (CNR)

Alex Antoniadis ( NKUA)

Stathis Maneas (NKUA)


Incident Tickets

High Priorty tickets

  • 514 CM calls timeout

Lucio tried the reposotory with the CM in dev and it's working. We should understand what's happening in FARM. Lucio to check CM logs.

  • 548 Simple Search on all collections
  • 543 Search Exception on FCPPS

Service side everything has been fixed at the moment. Portal side we should try to clean again the GenericResources on IS and clean the portal.

Switching to an external db in order to better react in case of this issue is an option( postgress) but another solution would be to enhance the RR with a method to clean the local db, to be invoked by the Search Manager portlet.

CERN to open task for this.

  • 546 Resource Registry problem while updating a Generic Resource

The lack of transaction is not a high priority issues for the moment. Anyway There is a solution that can be implemented that would be implemented IS registry-publisher side. A most robust solution would be to implement it server side with transaction on the DB.

CERN open a ticket for the client side solution but not with high priority. CERN to open a ticket to study also the upgrade of the IS-Collector to the new version of existDB.

CERN to lower incident priority.

  • 554 Time Series guessing returns Code List from others scopes

Gianpaolo is going to check this problem.

  • 504 ICIS code List manager non blocking error messages while uploading/curating CSV files

The issues is not a blocking one. we should hide the error on the portlet side. Forward the ticket to Federico.

  • 510 High number of postgres connections on Timeseries GHN

Lucio checked this problem and the DB connections according to the server logs are released. We should understand which components are involved by performing some tests. Lucio to investigate.

  • 555 Move folder in WS to another folder.

Problem on the javkrabbit backend , to be analyzed by CNR

  • 558 Request for registration to VOVirtual Organization; /VREs: Wrong message

To clarify with Leonardo

Normal Priority Tickets

  • 473 ICIS / CSV Import from WS / Long filenames

Federico is working on it

  • 489 ICIS / TS / Denormalize

TO be analyzed by Lucio

  • 528 ICIS - Filtering does not work

TO be analyzed by Lucio

  • 477 ICIS / CSV Import / Fails

TO be analyzed by Lucio. it should be easy to check.

  • 523 Execution Engine Service GHNs and memory consumption

CERN to check the deployed GHNS with PES and GenericWorker and make sure that at least 3GB RAM are allocated.

  • 483 GHN Profiles contain duplicates on the list of packages installed

to be analyzed by Roberto

  • 428 Remove scope operation issue

to be analyzed by Lucio

  • 540 Collection Explorer and result browsing

CERN to perform some tests with massimiliano.

  • 553 Posting map generation news shows no maps then

CERN is going to open a task for the implementation of the missing functionality. Incident to be closed.


we shoould oraganize conf call based on the status of the incident tickets. If incidents are correctly managed there is not need to discuss them trough a conf call, otherwise biweekly conf call are going to be scheduled.

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