07.06.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Thursday Jun 7, 2012, 15:00 - 18:00 Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the April WP reports prepared by each WP leader;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • TCOM agenda discussion
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

M7 (May '12) Activity Report

On WP1 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period ( Report)
  • the activity of the period are related to che completion of the D2.1 Management report
  • ERCIM recevied notification about a new project officer.
  • The review has been set by the commission in Bruxelles on Nov 6th and the rehearsal of the review will be the 5th. All WP leaders are expected to participate and at least one person for institution should be present. Soon the review will start to be organized and the PO will send soon the list of reviewers.
  • Lino and Donatella said that the PO is quite different from previous PO so we must carefully respect deadlines for deliverables and milestones.

On WP2 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • SB organization , and discussion mainly about the effort declared and the monthly report. Partners with problems have been contacted. Most of the partner have been contacted, some of them replied that there were also errors when compiling the effort report.
  • Donatella stressed the fact that the monthly report is the only way for Project management to understand the effort spend and to check if the effort is inline with the claimed activity.
  • M8 there will be the delivery of the second part of the advanced payment. SB will not delivered the second advanced payment to some partner.
  • SB discussion was also related to the fact not all partner are aware of what has been done in the project. GB will be organized more often and SB minutes will be spread to all partners.
  • There will be a presentation of iMarine at DG-Mare in Bruxelles june 22th. It has been discussed btw FAO and CNR on what will be presented. The agenda is not ready at the moment but it will be shared as soon as possible. FAO is in touch with DG-Mare representatives to try to establish some synergies.

On WP3 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report)
  • WP is accumulating delay in general and there will be some rearrangement of people in OBIS and Terradue.
  • Gianpaolo asked why SPREAD activity is accounted in WP3 and not in WP9, cause the Terradue Activity is accounted on WP9 so far. He would like as well to be updated on the SPREAD activity.
  • Lino said that some of the achievements reported should be presented at the TCOM. And in general that we should improve the communication in the project by communicating to the whole tcom technical achievements.
  • Manuele said that we have ticket for that, so why introduce another level of communication, Lino said that there are some task to be reported as tickets, but in case of nig achievements we should use also the tcom maling list.

On WP4 report:

  • NO activity reported on the wiki.
  • Hillary reported that 4 presentations have been performed during May ( 3 from CNR and 1 from CERN). the 3 from CNR are still not in the published on the channel.
  • 5 partners have been contacted and asked if iMarine could be visible in their project web site and if there has been any news to be shared in iMarine.An interview have also been asked but none of them has still replied.
  • So the interview could be done during the TCOM ( CERN, Terradue, CNR, OBIS, FIN) and Hillary can send someone from trust-it to perform the interview
  • Demos online to be ready before the meeting. Aquamaps. VTI and ICIS.
  • Dissemination material: The flier is ready.
  • The DG_Mare meeting could be an opportunity to interview experts and to include the interviews in the channel.
  • Donatella said that is not needed for Hilary to be in Rhodes, the video interview can be done by someone else. Regarding the interview FIN is not going to be at the TCOM,
  • Lino said that we need an interview from Edward. Ward cannot report any information about the project. Lino asked if Edward can do the video by himself.
  • Donatella said that is clear that there are a number of partner with effort in WP4. But everyone should dedicate some energy in the dissemination. At the end only few partners participate in this activity, even if there is no effort allocated for dissemination everyone should spend an effort for that.
  • Hilary said that CERN has no effort on WP4 but is giving contributions.
  • Anton asked in the case they are doing some dissemination and someone is interested in using it the VREs what they should do? Donatella said that the request should be moved to PEB and SB in order to decide what to do. In particular Anton made the example of Johannes.
  • Anton asked about the app as dissemination material. Hilary is going to do organize a phone conf in WP4 to decide about the material. for the app there is noone from TRUST-IT that can work on Android.
  • Regarding the gadget WP4 should decide about it.

On WP5 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • Lino asked Andrea to to pretend more from the WP participants,cause it's important to report also the resources that wil be added to the infra.
  • Unfortunately CNR didn't fill the report so no resources added trough the month have been listed.

On WP6 report:

  • Gianpaolo reported the activity of the WP6: ( Report)
  • In T6.1 no activity was reported as well as in t.6.4
  • in T6.2 only activity by UNESCO was reported
  • in T6.3 mainly CNR was reporting activity about new application developed and activities of NKUA
  • Lino said that many of the applications developed will be presented at the next Tcom with a demo. These applications can be reused in other context.

On WP7 report:

  • Andrea reported on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • Manuele asked about the the deployment test status , around 30 % of services are deployable now.

On WP8 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • Manuele reported the activity of the different tasks, main points:
  • T8.1 activity was focused mainly on supporting the mavenization process
  • T8.2 a new workplan for security integration is under discussion and approval
  • T8.3 PENg has been integrated with the Storage Manager
  • T8.4 conf call btw CNR and FAO to discuss the new resource model, cause a deliverable is due to end of June.
  • D.8.1 was completed.
  • Lino asked Manuele to push ENG to reply to the plan proposed by CNR, cause it's important to approve the plan soon.
  • Manuele expects to discuss within the WP8 the resource model.
  • Lino asked to schedule the work on VRE deployment.

On WP9 report:

  • Brief report of the activities performed in the period;
  • Activity in 2 tasks have been performed, see (Report).
  • activity in T9.3 is not reported, cause the work has been reported in the WP6
  • Lino asked why the activity related with Thredds sis not in the report, and Gianpaolo said that it has performed mainly in June.
  • Regarding T11.2 Andrea asked if the work on Data transfer API could be accounted there. Lino said that WP11 effort should be spent for framework development, documentation etc etc. Development activity are mainly part of each technological WP.
  • Manuele asked if the effort for the documentation of a component should be claimed in T.7.2 . Lino said that documentation is part of the technical work-package effort.

On WP10 report:

  • Brief report of the activities performed in the period (Report).
  • no discussions

On WP11 report:

  • Brief report of the activities performed in the period( Report).
  • Search client library and tree manager library are integrating the new Framework.
  • it will be not mandatory to move to the new Framework cause there is not so such effort to move everything to it. This will be also discussed during the TCOM.
  • Lino said that we should assign priority according to the needs of the consumers. The service with potential market should have priority on the integration with the new Framework.

Deliverables status

The following deliverables have accumulated delay:

D3.1 EA-CoP Operation (Jan. '12 - FAO)
Anton should wait for Mark to complete the Wiki, and then prepare the achievement document. This document should be prepared before the TCOM.
D9.1 iMarine Data Management Software (Apr. '12 - CNR)
to pass to the SB
D10.1 gCube Query Language Specification (Apr. '12 - NKUA)
on SB hands.
D10.3 iMarine Data Consumption Software (Apr. '12 - NKUA)
Fabrice did not completed the second review phase . Lino suggested Gerasimos to pass the deliverable tomorrow to SB.
D11.2 Application Programming Interface Software (Apr. '12 - CNR)
Erik is not replying, should come back from a conference soon and Anton will push him to perform the Review.


Lino remarked that the estimated person months on the Deliverable metadata should not be filled with the number that is on the DoW. It should be filled with the real effort used, in case of software deliverable should indicate the effort spent in the implementation of the software.

Milestones status

The following milestones have accumulated some delay:

MS7 Wiki describing workplan, requirements, and tasks assignment (WP3, Mar. '12, FAO)
  • still working on the milestone
MS8 Definition of policy and governance development model (WP3, Mar. 2012, FAO)
  • still working on the milestone
MS11 Definition of guidelines and best practices (WP3, Apr. 2012, FAO)
  • still working on the milestone
MS28 Community tool and common tools development and release (WP6, Apr. 2012, FAO)
  • still working on the milestone
MS39 Data Assessment, Harmonization, and Certification Facilities Specification (WP9, Apr. 2012, CNR)
the milestone is completed still some minor issue. Gianpaolo is going to produce the achievement document soon.
MS13 Define validation procedures (WP3, May 2012, FAO)
  • FAO to work on it.
MS14 Meeting of iMarine Board (WP3, May 2012, FAO)
  • the meeting was done, so it's just needed to describe the inpact of the meeting and prepare the achievement document.
MS29 Virtual Research Environments deployment (WP6, May 2012, CNR)
  • CNR to work on it.

TCOM Agenda

The agenda is online at:


The idea is to start at 9:30, having 2 hours lunch, and finish at 18:30. Each session should have enough time for discussion and not only time to make presentation.

The WP leaders should check the agenda and make comments or ask for sessions ant tomorrow the final agenda will be circulated.

Anton is leaving on Wednesday so he would like to discuss the Geospatial cluster before.


Next PEB will be 16th of July 2012, 15:00 CEST

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