07.05.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday May 7, 2012, 15:00 - 18:00 Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the April WP reports prepared by each WP leader;
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones;
  • AOB.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos (G. Kakaletris) R. Tsantouli

Main Discussions and Actions

M6 (Apr '12) Activity Report

On WP1 report:

  • it is mandatory to have all the partners involved in project activities;
    • the lack of reporting is a very important issue;
    • a formal communication will be sent to them;
  • Edward had a meeting with Vanderlei;
    • Anton is trying to organise a meeting with Edward (and Lino);

On WP2 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
    • D2.1 is almost complete;
    • there is a lack of effort for the period March-April; This is needed to
  • As a follow-up of the iMarine Board, a meeting has been proposed by DG-Mare;
    • Unfortunately, there is a potential clash with dates (with the forthcoming TCom);
    • The TCom might start June, Monday 18th and end June, Thursday 21st. We have to check;

On WP3 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report)
    • finalisation of D3.1 is still ongoing; It must be completed this week;
    • a document on policies has been produced (by Aureliano);
      • the should be circulated to the rest of the consortium;
  • there are issues in involving FIN and CRIA;
    • this should be discussed at the next SB meeting;

On WP4 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • May activities:
    • the Flyer circulated by Sara G. should be finalised;
    • Re contacts at iMarine Board
      • ...
    • Information on Business Cases (those in the Wiki is dated end of Feb.). Is this the latest information to use?

On WP5 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
  • May activities will focus on gCube 2.9.0 deployment;
    • in cooperation with WP6 a new VRE for hosting the Species Discovery service will be deployed

On WP6 report:

  • there is a dependency between WP3 and WP6 activities. However, the two activities are different;
  • there are a number of partners that are not reporting activities in WP6 (apart from FAO, NKUA and CNR);
  • re OpenSDMX, it is quite difficult to understand the evolution of this technology if it is not related to project activities and schedule;
    • Donatella: it is fundamental to have shared and publicly available development plans;
    • Lino: communication is one of the problems affecting this project, in many cases there is a personal communication, lack of awareness of WP leaders about the developments in their WP activities;
    • the usage of mailing lists, TRAC tickets, etc. should be promoted;

On WP7 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
    • mainly focused on Mavenization-related stuffs;
  • MS32 has been achieved;
  • major deviation is related to gCube 2.9.0 which started May 4th. It will be closed in two weeks;
    • (Lino) however, we should realise that behind this release there are a number of diverse and potential issues (including new technologies for supporting the release, new facilities);
      • since the beginning of this project we are looking for as short as possible release cycles. Release 2.9.0 is not helping;
      • end-user applications should be prioritized during the integration and build process;
        • (Andrea) we might envisage different deployment strategies aiming at having in the production environment new facilities as soon as possible;
    • (Andrea) the risk is the potential delay of the release in the production infrastructure;

On WP8 report:

  • Brief report on the activities performed in the period (Report);
    • T8.1 has dedicated a lot of effort to support other WPs' activities (namely related to Mavenisation);
    • approximately one month of delay has been accumulated in WP work(in T8.1 and T8.4), however this will have no impact on other WPs;
    • T8.3 has been working towards the integration of PE2ng, more specifically the provider for the gCube environment which used by PE2ng, with the new Storage Manager service of gCube.
    • No activity on T8.2 has been communicated, moreover there is no activity documented through TRAC tickets;
      • (Informally) E-IIS plans to add resources to iMarine;
      • this should be discussed in the next SB conference call;
      • It seems that there is a different understanding on the activity to be performed, end user-oriented (Indetities federation) rather than service-to-service -oriented;
        • It will be better to have a phone call with all the people involved in this issue;
  • Milestone MS35 has been achieved;
  • D8.1 will be complete by the end of this week;

On WP9 report:

  • Brief report of the activities performed in the period;
    • Activity in all the three tasks have been performed, see Report.
      • there is a potential risk resulting from the work performed by Terradue in isolation;
      • Terradue outcomes should be included / integrated in the infrastructure;
  • Milestone MS39 is delayed, however it will be completed by the end of month. This should be included in the deviation part;
  • The community is willing to have access to early version of some services;
    • These services will be deployed soon in production. From the project POV it will be better to wait for the production one;
    • At least a description of them should be produced;
    • BTW, the pages produced for documenting gCube facilities should be analysed (gCube features);

On WP10 report:

On WP11 report:

  • Brief report of the activities performed in the period;
  • New components, e.g. a data process component, will be added to HTTP application in the upcoming months.

  • to organise a conference call for discussing T8.2 issues;

Deliverables status

The following deliverables have accumulated delay:

D3.1 EA-CoP Operation (Jan. '12 - FAO)
a draft has been circulated.
D6.2 Applications and Tools Development Plan (Jan. '12 - FAO)
a preliminary version has been circulated by FAO. It will be revised by CNR;
D2.1 Management Report (Mar. '12 - CNR)
it is planned by the middle of May at latest
D8.1 iMarine Data Infrastructure Enabling Software (Apr. '12 - CNR)
will be complete by the end of this week;
D9.1 iMarine Data Management Software (Apr. '12 - CNR)
it is planned by the middle of May at latest
D10.1 gCube Query Language Specification (Apr. '12 - NKUA)
the review phase has been completed today. The overall delay will be completed in few days; by the end of this week;
D10.3 iMarine Data Consumption Software (Apr. '12 - NKUA)
it is planned by the middle of May at latest
D11.2 Application Programming Interface Software (Apr. '12 - CNR)
by the end of this week;

Milestones status

The following milestones have accumulated some delay:

MS7 Wiki describing workplan, requirements, and tasks assignment (WP3, Mar. '12, FAO)
MS8 Definition of policy and governance development model (WP3, Mar. 2012, FAO)
MS11 Definition of guidelines and best practices (WP3, Apr. 2012, FAO)
MS28 Community tool and common tools development and release (WP6, Apr. 2012, FAO)
MS39 Data Assessment, Harmonization, and Certification Facilities Specification (WP9, Apr. 2012, CNR)
it is planned by the end of May at latest


Next PEB will be 4th of June 2012, 15:00 CET

Agreed Actions Summary

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