06.06.2013 TBTI Demo

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Notes: demo of iMarine capability to the Too Big To Ignore TBTI global initiative for small scale fisheries.

TBTI was positive on the presentation by P.Pagano (data bonanza) and G.Coro (data analysis).

The TBTI Director Ratana Chuenpagdee sees room for further intensification of the contacts.

TBTI System analyst Randal Greene will prepare some use-cases for WP3-leader, which will be discussed in the iMarine project (June)

TBTI's Rodolphe Devillers will visit FAO Rome (TBTI already collaborates with FAO), and a meeting is scheduled 02 July – afternoon

Main interest from TBTI are in

  1. Survey data collection and alignment
  2. Semantic keyword extraction and automatic interpretation of texts (at least add metadata from keyword / concepts)
  3. Interactive maps to identify areas for local fishers
  4. Collaborative tools for sharing docs
  5. Learning environment, on-line training courses
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