06.06.2012 Biodiversity

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Meeting Notes: Cluster call on Biodiversity (Skype)

Date: 06 June 2012; 1600 – 1640


1. TCom 2. OBIS Meeting 3. CRIA Collaboration 4. FIN / CRIA Contribution to presentation at TCom


  • FAO: A. Ellenbroek
  • OBIS: E. Vanden Berghe


  1. TCom:
    1. EvB Heavily committed on 19 and 20, 21 absolutely not available
    2. EvB will draft a set of slides, AE to deliver at TCom
    3. Slides will be drafted by EvB following the Biodiv work plan outputs
  2. The OBIS webdev meeting of 22 June should see presentations of the iMarine project; 1 Technical, and 2 Community and Outreach. Technical here means the data and analytical toolset for Biodiversity Communities of Practice. Can be discussed with Ward (AE)
  3. AE will draft a first version of the reply discussed at yesterdays SB to the CRIA doc. It will address the first two of the 3 points; Data ingestion and dissemination that could benefit from iMarine services, and the OpenModeller services to iMarine community.
  4. NBailly office has been contacted by EvB. He is very busy, but will try to contact EvB. EvB proposes Monday 11 to involve NBailly and VCanhos in a review of draft TCom slides, and develop better collaboration plans

Follow-up actions

  • See above
  • Next meeting: Friday with Edward
  • Plan: Monday 11 with CRIA and NBailly
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