05.12.2011 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday December 5, 2011, 14:00 - 15:40 Europe/Rome

  • discuss and approve the template for tasks and WPs reporting;
  • present the new issue tracker;
  • present the new wiki site;
  • AOB.


TD: P. Pagano

WP1: J. Michel, L. Nguyen

WP2: D. Castelli

WP3: A. Ellenbroek

WP4: H. Hanahoe

WP5: A. Manzi (ABSENT)

WP6: L. Candela

WP7: G. Giammatteo (ABSENT)

WP8: M. Simi

WP9: G. Coro

WP10: G. Farantatos

WP11: G. Kakaletris

Main Discussions and Actions

Discuss and approve the template for tasks and WPs reporting

The TD introduces the template for the Monthly Activity Report available at http://wiki.i-marine.eu/index.php/Monthly_Activity_Report_Template

All the WP leaders approved the template;


  • The procedure should be detailed, to make the deadlines of the task and WP report more clear;
  • CNR/QATF should create the pages for documenting November / December activities;
  • CNR will report the availability of the pages to the PEB.
  • Each WP leader is responsible to disseminate the information to the tasks leader of her/his WP;
  • Each WP leader is responsible to coordinate the reporting activities of her/his WP;
  • The first set of WPs report has to be ready by Friday, January 6 and they have to report November and December activities;
  • The PEB will analyze those reports the 9th January PEB;

Present the new issue tracker

The issue tracker is not ready yet, minor configuration issues are affecting the release of this service.

It is based on TRAC, and it is expected to be configured as follows:

  • the concept of clusters will drive the specification of requirements, i.e. every requirement should refer to a cluster;
  • requirements will be analysed leading to a number of activities (enhancement) associated with an application;
  • incidents should be associated with applications;
  • tasks should be associated with software components;
  • every ticket should have a well defined deadline;
    • A concrete and realistic estimation is needed, i.e. whenever a requirement is accepted the planned release is established by tacking into account the existing requirements;
    • Deadlines might result from a negotiation activity; Negotiation could lead to a removal of an already approved request and the reschedule of others according to the needs and the effort available;
  • every development activity covered by project funding is expected to be documented through tickets. This means that all requests will be managed through the same issue tracker: e.g., new requests vs. OpenSDMX has to be managed at the same way new requests vs. gCube.


  • The TD will circulate by email the proposal governing TRAC configuration;

Present the new wiki site

The TD describes the current version of the Wiki Sidebar.

  • On the Infrastructure Operation
  • On the VREs operation area:
    • input from the EA-CoP is expected;

This Wiki is expected to cover the needs of 'NAs' and 'SAs' mainly. The rest, mainly technical details, are expected to be described in other Wikis, e.g. https://gcube.wiki.gcube-system.org/gcube/.

It seems that some pages/areas are missing:

  • Cooperation with other projects;
  • Dissemination and Outreach;
  • To serve the needs of the CoP;
    • No Wiki is expected;
    • Trust-IT is developing (i) a file manager service and (ii) a discussion forum. These services are expected to be part of the channel offering;
    • Clearly, all deliverables and milestones of the WP3 will be managed through this Wiki site;
    • FAO (Anton) agrees that this is OK;


  • A template for documenting technical milestones produced by WP8, WP9, WP10, and WP11 will be circulated by the TD;


In order to have LDAP credentials working, only for the first time every user has to log in through the channel, i.e. go to http://www.i-marine.eu/Pages/Home.aspx, and then Login to the Wiki.

On PEB timing:

  • 14:00 is a challenging time for CNR (close to lunch time);
  • it has been proposed to have the meeting at 15:00;


From next PEB conference call on the meeting time is 15:00 CET;

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