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Next Skype meeting: Tuesday 9th July 2013, 14:00 Rome time (20:00 Manila time)

Only Anton, Edward, Nicolas but the one after should include at least Lino and most probably Gianpaolo (and Casey as an observer)

Notes from the Skype meeting held on Friday 5th July 2013 Participants Anton, Edward, Nicolas. 14:00-15:15 Rome time

  1. Document the "ONYM" algorithm:
    1. Functions: various alternative (to check with GP for some of them)
    2. Algorithm: sequence of the functions
  1. Describe history. Results of matching, explain why to keep them:
    1. Where to store the results
    2. How to manage historical results of the matching
  1. Reuse history
    1. What are mechanisms to be able to invoke previous
  1. Who should be informed of the errors
    1. Implicite in the internal name reconciliation
    2. Also implement the functionality for external users to send feed-back either to us, aggregators or source providers
  1. Environmental enrichment
    1. Update the current page
    2. Create a top page / check tickets
    3. Interpolation: selection of points in area where to compute interpolations.
    4. To work on mechanisms to send the selection to interpolating tools (Julien; NODC).
    5. Think about correlation between layers for co-krieging. Seems that there are solutions (Edward).
  1. AquaMaps
    1. BioFresh: to solve the format of GIS layer + implement the web services
    2. Run for marine almost ready, hoping for it before end of July
    3. Mobilise students in Univ. Paris 6
    4. Find a name or names to describe the suite of operation for occurrence cleaning to production of maps with enriched environmental parameter
    5. Approve the master document written by Edward
  1. CRIA
    1. Send the terms of References of Edward commented with the last plan (Nicolas)
  1. Reuse from Cosmos project
    1. Send the list of species for areas where the list is complete from the literature point of view to compute completeness indices
    2. Contact Sami Gaiji in GBIF (see his dahsboard at sami.gbif.org - careful not public yet, so do not disseminate)
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