05.06.2013 T10.4-teleconference

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Time: Wed, Jun 29, 2013, 15:00 - 16:00 CEST


  • John Gerbesiotis (NKUA)
  • Yannis Tzitzikas (FORTH)
  • Yannis Marketakis (FORTH)
  • Anton Ellenbroek (FAO)
  • Marc Taconet (FAO)
  • Claudio Baldassarre (FAO)

Discussion Summary

  • YannisT: T10.4 has to do with development in the context of gCube infrastructure. The question is if FAO is willing to contribute on this, and if yes who will be involved? Also if there are any ongoing software activities from FAO that fall within T10.4 they should be reported. He also mentioned that they are not trying to persuade FAO do any kind of development, however they would like to know which is the status and plans for the next months.
  • YannisT then summarized the activities done so far in the context of T10.4. History: Yannis went through the specification milestone of T10.4 (https://gcube.wiki.gcube-system.org/gcube/index.php/Semantic_Data_Analysis). The idea of semantic postprocessing (xsearch) came up after discussions before the kick off and in the first months, as a means to bridge the gap between the ojectives of WP10 (consumption, search) and the FAO FLOD initiative. Remember the application we built before one year using FLOD and the paper we wrote and published at IRF. Claudio requested bookmarklet, for making this applicable to every web page, and we did it. Then we (FORTH) started the long process of making this gcube compatible (portlet, service, use gcube search as underlying search system, pass the results. Moreover IRD requested a kind of annotation service (currently called XLink), and we (FORTH) are in the process of implementing it. Moreover, apart from the TLO (which also falls in WP3), we are currently working on testing it, by investigating the process of constructing TLO-based repositories.
  • Anton responded that there are 6 months left to be consumed for T10.4. FAO can contribute to T10.4. They are willing to bring FLOD content exposed through gCube infrastructure, Fabio Simeoni will be involved on this however there is no concrete plan yet.
  • YannisT mentioned that if FAO is willing they can contribute in the TLO evaluation phase. FORTH is currently in the process of automating the TLO_Warehouse construction approach. YannisT clarified that the focus is on the process of publishing the data, not in their maintenance. So if FAO is willing to contribute FORTH could assist on this (by delivering their SW, documentation etc.).
  • Marc mentioned that FORTH activities are in a good way especially for demonstration purposes. So FAO could use tools and services developed in the context of T10.4 (e.g. XSearch) for testing them. This could be a contribution from FAO in the context of T10.4.
  • Anton said that there will be an internal meeting in FAO to discuss these things and come up with decisions next week. Next Tuesday (11/06) Anton will contact YannisT.

Executive Summary

FAO is not sure yet about how to spend the 6pm of T10.4. FAO will discuss it internally and then they will discuss with FORTH again.

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