05.03.2012 Project Executive Board Conference Call

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Time: Monday March 5, 2012, 15:00 - 17:15 Europe/Rome

  • assessment of the actions identified in the previous PEB conference call;
  • assessment of the January WP reports prepared by each WP leader. Each WP leader has to prepare a concise report on major achievements, on issues and deviations from the plan (highlighting the identified countermeasures identified to solve the issue), and on the plan for the next short reporting period. In particular, cross-activities and cross-partners issues and results should be emphasized.
  • assessment of the status of deliverables;
  • assessment of the status of milestones.


TD WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
P. Pagano P. Rohou & L. Nguyen D. Castelli A. Ellenbroek H. Hanahoe A. Manzi L. Candela G. Giammatteo M. Simi G. Coro G. Farantatos (G. Kakaletris) R. Tsantouli

Main Discussions and Actions

Feb. PEB Actions Status

  • The template for documenting technical milestones should be discussed through the TCom mailing list and finalised in one week;
    • DONE
    • The template has been used to implement the 4 milestones related to software specifications;
  • The following items should be part of the SB meeting:
    • lack of effort reporting;
    • User Interfaces problems and enhancements;
  • A.E. should prepare a bullet list of aspects that should be enhanced wrt the channel;
  • A.E. should create a template for describing the technological results achieved so far and agree on this with the TD;
  • All should reinforce the TRAC exploitation, e.g. by documenting ongoing and future development activities. It should be a duty of WP Leaders to promote this approach;

M4 (Feb '12) Activity Report

On WP1 report:

  • the lack of effort reports M1-2 and M3-4 is the major issue;
    • NKUA is accumulating delay because of changes in ratings (although );
  • this issue should be discussed during the SB Conference Call. This seems to be an issue beyond effort reporting;
  • K. Marek is no longer the project PO;

On WP2 report:

  • no major aspect to highlight apart from the forthcoming activity report that will start in the next days;

On WP3 report:

  • the main activity is the preparation of the iMarine Board meeting;
  • FAO (Aureliano) is working on data sharing policies and Software sharing policy;
  • delay in the deliverable D3.1;
    • input from Board Meeting is expected. However, the deliverable will be completed by end of March;
  • (Donatella) only FAO reported some activities, it is not clear if no activity has been performed or if it is only the reporting activity that is missing;

On WP4 report:

  • input for dissemination activity from partners is needed, including channel content and events identification;
  • there is a potential event in Copenhagen, 21st April, there is the possibility for a poster. However, a presenter should be there and attend the poster session;
    • Action, to send an email to identify a person that is expected to attend;
  • is it expected to have a presentation at the iMarine Board meeting about dissemination?
    • in the current version of the agenda there is no slot for this;
  • (Donatella) the picture resulting from the channel is about a project that is not very lively, the project members (other than TRUST-IT, CNR, FAO)should strength their contribution;
    • three milestones have been reached in the last days, these should lead to news;

On WP5 report:

  • One VOVirtual Organization; has been dismissed;
  • Policy definition page has been revised;
  • before the TCom, the iMarine portal will be deployed (based on gCube 2.8.0). It will dedicated to the FARM VREs and gCube apps only;

On WP6 report:

  • this WP suffers of similar issues as WP3, i.e. the lack of contributions and clear requirements from partners representing the CoP;
  • CNR and NKUA performed the upgrade of all the portlets (because of changes in GWT and LifeRay);
  • CNR continued working on the 'species service';
    • no major 'vertical application' or VRE is actually planned;
  • to organise a Skype meeting with Edward;
  • the cooperation with WP3 should be enhanced;

On WP7 report:

  • the main achievement is the installation of the testing infrastructure;
  • gCube 2.8.0 will be complete by the end of this week;
  • Mavenization activity is ongoing:
    • however, a first version of guidelines is fundamental before the TCom meeting;
      • ENG will focus on ETICS configuration part of this activity;
      • Fabio S. produced a Document on this activity also, this is expected to be part of the developer guide;
      • There are a lot of links between the two;
    • this should be part of the forthcoming TCom;

On WP8 report:

  • the main activity is about the production of the Milestones, namely MS33 and MS34;
    • the MSs represented an opportunity to wrap up the work done so far within T8.1/2/4
    • some issues have been identified on the production of MS34:
      • the relationships between 'security related' stuffs and the rest of gCube management services;
      • the milestone has been produced without WP coordination, therefore comments came late and they are still being processed;
      • the WP leader says that in his opinion, ENG is underperforming with respect to the allocated effort (they have the largest effort in this WP);
    • this is an important issue:
      • it should be discussed during the SB conference call;
      • the TD should contact ENG to acquire more details and motivations;
  • besides, milestones production facilities development continued:
    • Software Gateway has been implemented;
    • NKUA is proceeding with process execution, they are investigating the 'Rainy Cloud' approach to produce a similar facility for interfacing with VENUS-C;
    • WP8 had a lot of cross-WP collaborations: WP6 (namely on Runtime Resources Creation portlet), WP11 (CL working group) and WP7 (Mavenization and Software Gateway)
  • the TD highlighted the lack of publicly available plans (this comment is across all the technical WPs): eg the lack of TRAC tickets;
    • WP leader says that the MS33 achievement is an important step, since it allows to identify the components; now it is possible to define a more detailed plan;
    • the plan should contain per component features and delivery dates;

On WP9 report:

  • activity performed is on enhancement of facilities previously defined;
    • MS37 has been released;
    • (CNR) worked on enhancing species service;
    • (TERRADUE) WPS and THREDDS is under development yet no plans on its integration with the rest of gCube facilities has been identified and discussed;
      • Bathimetry data has its own peculiarities, e.g. the NetCDF format used is not a standard one;
      • FAO has not been involved neither in specification nor in implementation;
    • (CNR) enhanced the Time Series facilities;
  • a release plan for WP9 components is missing;
    • plans should be shared with the rest of WP and consortium members;
  • Donatella says that some important issues are emerging:
    • the lack of a shared and detailed development plan (although this is partially justified by the DoW, i.e. we should have a specification before producing a plan);
    • the lack of communication among partners aiming at maximizing re-use and synergies among project partners;
    • the forthcoming TCom should be an opportunity for producing such a shared plan;

On WP10 report:

  • major achievement is MS41;
  • new releases of the search and index subsystems;
  • a number of data management facilities (including the statistical service);
  • on semantic aspects, a phone conf has been organised to clarify some of the issues;
  • also in this context, the lack of a plan is an issue. For all the facilities planned, the resulting benefit should be highlighted;

On WP11 report:

  • activity focused on 'integration and interoperability framework';
    • working groups have been instantiated and discussions started;
      • more partners might contribute to the existing WGs, an email should be sent;
    • D11.1 is ready for review, it contains the findings resulting from the working groups;

Deliverables status

The following deliverables have accumulated delay:

D3.1 EA-CoP Operation (Jan. '12 - FAO)
should be ready by end of March;
D6.2 Applications and Tools Development Plan (Jan. '12 - FAO)
should be ready by end of March;
D11.1 Integration and Interoperability Framework Definition (Feb. '12 - NKUA)
it is under review by CNR;

Milestones status

  • MS33, MS37 and MS41 have been achieved;
  • MS34 should be revised;

Next TCom Meeting

A lot of beneficiaries have not communicated any information on their participation. This should be done soon;

No feedback on the agenda have been received by the TD yet. This email was circulated the 20th of January;

The rough plan is to have:

  • day 1
    • a very short presentation (three slides) on plans and vision
    • WP8 resource model;
    • WP8 security facilities;
    • WP7 & 8: on 'Mavenization' and SW distributions;
  • day 2 (dedicated to clusters):
    • CNR will present their achievement wrt 3 out of the 4 clusters;

Any request should be produced as much as possible, by sending an email to the TD;


No other Business to be discussed.

Next PEB will be the 2nd of April, 15:00 CET;

Agreed Actions Summary

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