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Meeting Notes: call on DCF Regional Databases(web conferencing)

Date: 04-10-2013 14:00 – 15:15

Participants: Pierre Chavance (IRD), Yann Laurent (FAO

Topics: Discussion on Regional Databases and possible collaboration with iMarine.
Pierre Chavance presented the new RCM Large Pelagic Group creation: misunderstandings on competency on large pelagic of the previous existing RCM groups on pelagics (Med & BS group and long distance group) lead to the creation of a unique group, the RCM Large Pelagic Group. Pierre Chavance (PC) is the chairman for the next 2 years. Given the previous difficulties to reach a consensus on creating regional databases, PC proposed a different approach for a regional DB: first reaching an agreement on the standard for data exchanges and secondly building a regional database on these standards by creating librairies to allow national databases to export their data in the adopted standards.
The question discussed in the web conf was how much iMarine could contribute to these activities.
Needs are on 3 types:

  • infrastructure
  • Services
  • Standard definition.

Yann Laurent presented the NEAFC project which aims to develop libraries to connect to any DB and export in a given format. PC indicated that some DB connectors are currently in place in IRD (Developed by Julien Barde) and they could be reused. This would need to be further assessed to see how much iMarine can contribute in providing librairies. ==> need to discuss with Julien B and Anton Ellenbroek (in charge of NEAFC component). PC also indicated that having such components would lighter National Institutions work load to answer RFMOs data calls.
The discussion then went on FLUX, especially on the business layer. PC highlighted that a "standard" is already available in FishFrame with covers most of the DCF needs in terms of data but that also Southern countries don't want to have this format imposed to them ==> there is a need, in line with FLUX initiative, to have standards approved by UN/CEFACT and submitted to the RCM long distance group. YL reminded PC that Julien B. had in mind to propose such a modified version of FishFrame standard to UN/CEFACT. PC question was then how much iMarine can assist them to submit such a standard?
The Regional Database itself was also discussed (and more particularly the Med & BS one, with GFCM), which level of aggregation, the question of confidentiality of data etc... YL indicated that iMarine infrastructure is meant and design to host such a regional DB.

==> there is here a need to assess deeper what iMarine can offer to the Regional Database use case, especially in the light of what IRD has already done.

Med & BS: Mediterranean and Black Seas RCM: Regional Coordination Meeting RFMO: Regional Fisheries Management Organization

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