04.07.2013 Biodiv

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Time: Thu, July 4, 2013, 12:00 - 13:00 CEST

  • biodiversity cluster activities


  • Anton Ellenbroek (FAO)
  • Pasquale Pagano (CNR)
  • Gianpaolo Coro (CNR)
  • Edward Vanden Berghe


The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the ‘Master Plan’ document circulated by Edward. This document describes a possible way forward with part of the activities of the biodiversity cluster – the ones that should expand/build on AquaMaps, including taxon name reconciliation, environmental data enrichment… This document critically needs approval from the biodiversity cluster leader, Nicolas. It also needs a new name, one that better covers what it is, and avoid giving the impression that it tries to be more authoritative or wider in scope than intended.

The ‘Master Plan’ document is seen as useful, so it will be further developed, and serve as a basis for discussion in this area of activities of the biodiversity cluster. The document is on the iMarine shared workspace for now, it will move to the Wiki as soon as it is in a more final form. Lino and GP to edit the document this afternoon and post updates to the workspace; Anton and Edward to discuss how to post the document on the wiki pages for the biodiversity cluster during a conference call tomorrow (to which also Nicolas will be invited).

Concrete steps suggested in the document will be translated in tickets; right now it is not clear from the document who is supposed to do what. Initial tickets will be discussed in weekly meetings (see below). Responsibility to carry out work will be assigned in those discussions. If someone feels (s)he is not able or available to take up the responsibility, the mechanisms provided by the ticketing system should be used to transfer/discuss alternative responsibilities.

The next meeting (Thursday 11 July, 12 noon) will concentrate on Taxon Name Reconciliation. The main topic will be to check how different elements/activities can be brought together: Casey and Nicolas’ activities and Edward's input in there; Fabio’s application; work done by partners (Catalogue of Life and related projects; Tony Rees; Dima Mozzherin; VLIZ...). In preparation of next week’s meeting, Edward will compile a draft dataset with common misspellings for testing purposes; he’ll also draft a small document on the explorations of relevant systems. Fabio Fiorellato will be invited for this meeting.

One of the coming meetings (18 July?) should concentrate on the environmental data, and Fabrice (possibly others) should be invited. Edward to compile a list of priority data sets before this meeting.

Having very regular meetings, possibly weekly, was sen as a good thing. In principle, these weekly meetings will take place on Thursday, 12 noon. Anton will not be available 6-17 August; most of CNR will be away from 3 to 23 August (from memory – haven’t found out how to go back to the chat window of a Google Hangout meeting after closing the meeting??). It would be good to have some of the planned infrastructure in place before that time, so that Edward can explore.

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